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   Chapter 22 In the dark

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"Where did you run off to?"

A face only two inches away from me asked in a suspicious tone. I was on the ground, straddled by a body on top of me.

"You think I will never know? Do you really think I am so naive? Tsk tsk."

Both of my hands were pinned by the hands of my captor, nails digging into my skin, bruising my abnormally pale skin.

"Please get off me! Let me explain! This is not going to work if you are planning on pushing your face into my face because I am not homosexual. Got it, Liz?"

Liza got off me but her suspicious eyes were still on me.

"Now, do you care to tell your best friend where you went without her. Wait! Did you have a date with someone? Oh my god! Oh my god! Spill the beans bitch!" Liza started jumping up and down like a child on Christmas eve.

"Sorry to disappoint you Lizzie but it was not a date. I had to go to one of the training sessions with Mr. Dimitri and we did just that..." I frowned at the memory of Mr. Dimitri's lips on mine.

"Oh! You mean the training session I had no idea about?" She said in a sickly sweet yet fake voice.

"Liz calm down nothing happened to me. I am fine. I know you care a lot about me and I care about you too but sometimes things slip out of my mind and I forget. Last week was crazy I know, so that is the reason why I don't want to burden you with more of my shit. I know you feel that I keep secrets from you but you already have too much on your plate." I sat up on the floor and looked at her with pleading eyes to drop the subject.

"Is it that time of your month? Or are you pregnant? Gosh! I have never seen such a dramatic and philosophic best friend in my life!" She quirked her eyebrow and looked at me.

"By the way Rosie, I already knew about your training thingy." She winked and handed me the crumpled training schedule.

"Hey! Where did you get this? You stalker." I smiled at her and playfully pushed her.

"It was just taking a stroll outside your room so it grabbed my attention and I picked it up. Wanna have some hot chocolate?" She pulled me up to my feet and headed over to the kitchen.

"You already know the answer, Liz."


The soft satin curtains in my hands reminded me of my mother's hair. She was the prettiest woman I had ever met.

back. Do you know why? Because I own you. You are mine! Your soul, your body and everything you have is mine! The moment I laid my eyes on you I knew you were mine to touch, to feel and to dominate. So if you ever try to disobey me I will make sure that you get punished one way or the other." I could clearly hear the way his jaw ground together when he uttered those threats. My tears were still gushing out of my eyes and I had given up on any hope of rescue.

I felt him removing his hand from my face but before I could scream his rough lips crashed into mine and both of his hands increased the pressure on my wrists. He was warning me to kiss him back and I didn't want to but when he bit my lip so hard that it started bleeding, I had to submit to his cruel intentions.

His tongue swirled in my mouth, discovering each and every corner of my mouth. My tongue tried to curl away from him but he somehow reached the back and forced me to mate with his tongue. His mouth tasted a lot like red wine which proved that he might be drunk after all.

The assault on my mouth carried on until both of us were breathless. He left my lips and I greedily sucked in all the air I could. His heavy breaths fanned my face as he pushed his forehead onto mine.

I was shocked at what had transpired. I was scared of what might happen and I was ashamed for giving up so easily.

I felt his hand leaving my wrist and sneaking towards my neck until he pushed a certain point on my throat and I lost my consciousness.

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