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   Chapter 21 Vasili

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I was lost, lost in the green pools of ocean. The long dark green strokes spreading from the pupils with those minute and intricate yellow freckles adorned his eyes like a rare gem. I could get lost in them, I could get lost in the green maze and never find my way out. Those eyes were still like a statue, staring at my soul through my eyes.

His long yet not so dense eyelashes blinked once which was enough to break his hypnotising effect on me

His long yet not so dense eyelashes blinked once which was enough to break his hypnotizing effect on me.

My eyes focused on the surroundings and realization hit me like a lightning bolt. I was totally squished against Mr. Dimitri's chest with his arms bound around me. Our chests were against each other, breathing in the same quiet rhythm with our faces only inches apart. His warm breath was fanning my, now heated, face while his eyes were on my red tinted cheeks.

In a flash of a second, I pushed myself away from him and averted my gaze to my wet boots. I tucked a strand of my raven hair behind my ear when I heard him clearing his throat.

"Keep your boots in the shoe rack beside you and hang your jacket in the closet behind that door." He pointed a finger towards my right side.

I obliged all his commands with my head held low while his scrutinizing gaze followed my actions. After I did what was told, he led me towards what seemed like a library with each and every nook and corner covered with books except for a wall which had a large window giving a view of the backyard garden. The polished wooden floor reflected off the last rays of twilight entering the room from the windows and in front of the window, sat a very proud and royal mahogany piano.

The piano of my childhood

The piano of my childhood.

My hand traced the shiny surface of the piano which had many scars and scratches on it, showing the age and experience of the piano. Above the keys was an inscription, Vasili, in scrapped off gold. It was quite similar to the very first piano I saw when I was a kid. The past clouded my mind and I found myself

one to play. I remembered most of the notes but it was all jumbled up.

The first few verses were fine but as soon as the song started going higher I lost my tune and sat there gawking at the piano keys trying to remember the next verse.

Mr. Dimitri slowly placed his fingers on top of mine which shocked me to the core. He started playing Clair De Lune from the very beginning while making me move my fingers underneath his fingers so that we played the song together.

He didn't say a word and neither did I we just played the song together and submerged ourselves into the tune.

When he hit the last note everything became still and silent. The night outside was still and not even the swish of the wind was heard. He turned his head towards me and leaned towards me to close the distance between our lips.

I could not comprehend what happened but I was totally frozen. His lips started moving against my unmoving ones in a slow and steady pace. As soon as his lips increased their pace on my lips he grabbed my head and pulled me towards him.

That was my waking call.

I pushed his hands away from me and darted towards the door. Somehow I grabbed my jacket and my boots and opened the door to exit the house when I heard heavy footsteps coming towards me. I did not wait for the unimaginable to happen and started my car to drive at the highest speed possible towards my home.

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