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   Chapter 20 Snow

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It was quite an odd happening. First the letter, then the threat and then Ivan appearing out of thin air. I was not even sure who my so-called lover was but needless to say, I was terrified of whoever this person was. The fact that he dared to threat Liza's life, chilled me to the bone and I felt truly helpless.

It occurred to me that it could just be a silly prank by someone but something felt really odd. Everything felt so confusing and consuming. Like I was standing in the eye of the storm with debris all around me, moving in a circular motion.

After that strange meet up with Ivan I decided to call him in. Especially because Liza had no idea about what happened at the weekend when she was at Max's house. The more secrets I kept from her, the more I felt out of breath as if two invisible hands were smoldering me.

"You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend Rosie. I didn't expect this." She made a pouty face a and served some cheesecake on a plate to Ivan.

"Ladies, being a genius Casanova, I know I should not be interrupting a cat fight but I have to. You see Liza Cassandra, your friend here is just my girl - friend, not girlfriend and as much as I would love that, I am afraid I don't suit your friend's taste. So if you will excuse me I am having a romantic date with my cheesecake and I don't plan on diverting my attention anywhere else." He licked his lips like a devil and attacked the cheesecake with his fork.


I turned my head around and saw Liza peeking out from the doorway, motioning me to come towards her.

"What? Is something wrong?" I whispered to her while Ivan was too busy gobbling up the cheesecake with apple eyes.

Liza pulled me t

mean I am poor at understanding them.

I lost my motivation to go to school and decided to stay back home. Liza had already made up her mind to ditch the outside world for today. It was very cold outside and just the thought of stepping out of my bed made me feel lazier. I pulled up the fluffy covers to my chin and decided to doze off.


Sticky snow underneath my boots stuck to the soles making them lose their grip. Somehow I got out of my car and managed to reach the front door to knock on it.

It was six past fourteen minutes in the evening when I reached Mr. Dimitri's home. It was a vintage yet modern house with slanted roofs and snowy glass doors and windows. Large trees with their scary long branches loomed along the driveway and the soggy iced soil was covering the graveled path towards the house. I tried to shake off some of the snow but they were too stubborn to leave me alone.

The door opened instantly but as soon as I stepped my foot inside I slipped and fell

The door opened instantly but as soon as I stepped my foot inside I slipped and fell...

I fell into the arms of my teacher.

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