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   Chapter 19 Envelop

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Dinner that night was chaotic. After such a stressful day, one would want to feel relaxed at home, to take a soak in a bubble bath, to wear comfy clothes and watch some TV with hot chocolate in a mug. All that went out the window when Liza suddenly had one of her mood swings, demanding a food carnival.

The kitchen was totally cluttered with dishes and bowls here and there, specks of flour on the counter top, cabinet doors open, pans and pots on the stove and two women singing and dancing to their old favourite song Downtown.

When you're alone

And life is making you lonely

You can always go


When you've got worries

All the noise and the hurries seems to help I know


Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city

Linger on the sidewalks where the neon lights are pretty

How can you loose

The lights so much brighter there

You can forget all your troubles

Forget all your cares

So go Downtown

Things will be great where you're in Downtown...

"Liza! What's burning?!" I pointed my wooden spoon towards a smoking pan on the stove.

"Nothing Rosie! The meatballs are just getting a tan!" She twirled like a ballerina and headed over to the pan.

The music system was on full blast, while the sizzles and stirs from the kitchen accompanied with the song to create noise pollution. Not to mention two women who can't sing at all, shouting and screaming at the top of their voices.

Good thing that we don't have neighbours.

The menu was not that hefty if you consider meatball spaghetti, beef Wellington and a cheesecake as the menu.

The menu was not that hefty if you consider meatball spaghetti, beef Wellington and a cheesecake as the menu

I think I should join the gym sooner.

"Oops! Downtown emergency!" Liza shout

ed home

We came to a stop on the road to find a slight fog cocooning the atmosphere. It was mostly dark except for the dim moonlight. We forgot to bring our torches which was not wise at all.

All of a sudden I heard running footsteps, coming towards us. Liza panicked and quickly came by my side and I felt her ice cold hand grasp my arm as the running came closer. It was quite hard to determine where the noise was coming from since it was dark and our panicked mind was totally confused to assess the situation properly.

We both were knocked over when a body slammed against our back. Shrieks were heard from me and Liza while some guy started cursing and groaning.

"Who the fuck was standing in the middle of the road at this time of the night!"

The voice sounded quite familiar to me but still I didn't want to take any chances.

"Who are you? And what are you doing in front of our house?" Liza, being the more brave one, spoke up.

Whoever the guy was turned on a flashlight and pointed it towards our faces. I shielded my hand in front of my eyes to prevent the strong glare of light enter my eyes.

"Wait, Rose is that you?"

I looked up to see the familiar face of Ivan.

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