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   Chapter 18 Trap

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I had never thought that such a day would come in my life when I would feel dreadful to attend the music class. Events from yesterday were still fresh in my mind and I was still scared to face my teacher.

Somehow I buildup the courage to turn the door knob and enter the room. I released a sigh of relief when I saw that Mr. Dimitri was not in the class. Some of the students were sitting, chatting and waiting for their teacher.

I went to my usual seat and pulled out some music sheets trying to figure them out. Suddenly a paper plane came towards me and landed on my desk. My eyes looked up to see Abel standing in front of me with a smug grin on his face. I braced myself for the brainless chatter which would come out of his mouth.

"Hey Dawson, mind if I sit?" He did not even wait for my reply and occupied the seat beside me like the gentleman he was

"Hey Dawson, mind if I sit?" He did not even wait for my reply and occupied the seat beside me like the gentleman he was.

"So my torture session starts now? Please tell me what dare I must complete in order to please you my most humble torturer." Striking a noble speech, I smiled a bit at Abel's uneasiness. His uncomfortable stuttered words made me laugh. He too joined in, showing off his dimples and I must admit that he's kinda cute with those.

A very loud throat clearing bursted our bubble, shaking us back to reality. Fear slithered all over me as two dark green eyes stared at me holding unfathomable anger in them. I was chilled to the bone by the sharp glare thrown at me by Mr Dimitri.

I gulped and waited for this uncomfortable wave to end. He turned towards the class and spoke up in his deep booming voice.

"Today I want to give all of you a


I gulped and brought out the sheet to distract my eyes from connecting to his eyes.

"Um sir I think there is some mistake in printing the routine because-"

"Rose there is no mistake. I personally printed them." He stood up from his seat, towering over me, looking down at his prey. He had an uncanny smirk on his face while his eyes swirled with something dangerous.

"Humor me Ms. Rose, why do I have a feeling that you don't want to practice in the allotted time table with me? Are you not interested in participating in the competition because I can not find any other reason for your disapproval. So I hope you don't have any problem now do you?"

I went a step back and stuttered out in a shaky voice.

"N-no sir"

"Very well then, I'll see you tomorrow."

I closed my eyes in defeat, turned around and made my way towards the door only to check the routine again.

The bold italic words mocked back at me, stating my perilous future ahead.

Rose Dawson :-

Place : 44b, Winschton street, forks.

Mr Dimitri Nevada's Residence.

Day | Time

Tuesday | 6 : 00 pm

Friday | 6 : 00 pm

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