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   Chapter 17 Nightmares

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The drive back home seemed longer and more lonely than ever. The car was silent and even Liza was not in the mood for small talk. I was in an emotional whirlwind, having a hard time to understand what exactly I should feel.

Happy because I was going to perform, sad because I did not know what to do about Mr Dimitri, scared because I feared this new side of my teacher, confused with why he did such a thing and lastly betrayal because I couldn't find words to express anything to Liza.

I sneaked a peek towards Liza and found her deep in thought. As if she was contemplating something. I decided that I should at least tell her that...

"Hey Liza, um today in music class something happened..."

"Yeah? What happened now? Did the hot teacher kiss you?" She smiled a little while her eyes were still on the road.

I was quite bewildered by her statement and she noticed it. The silence was awkward but I would prefer silence rather than sharing the embarrassing events.

"Rosie, is something wrong?" Liza's voice was laced with worry and her forehead had this little frown, making her look a little funny.

Small bursts of laughter came out of my mouth while Liza's frown got larger.

"If I wouldn't have known you better I would have said you have gone mad. So tell me babe what happened? One moment you are all gloomy doomy and the next moment you are happy wappy. Wanna share?" A small smile tugged on her lips while she parked the car into our driveway.

We both got out of our car and headed towards the door.

"You won't believe what happened! Lizzie I think I am going to perform on stage!!" Liza's eyes sparkled with happiness and she started jumping up and down with excitement. Somehow I too joined in and we both started screaming at the top of our lungs like mad women.

"I can't believe my girl is going to be famous! This totally calls for a celebration! Let's hit the club tonight! You know what? I know som

o me that they were father and son.

They were shouting and cursing yet I could not hear a single word they said. My ears were totally deaf. The small girl had curled up on the floor with her open dark night hair splayed like waves.

The younger guy came forward and splashed all the water on the girl and hoisted her up by pulling her hair. Yet the innocent girl didn't utter a word, as if her lips were sewn shut. The older man was still shouting when he raised the spatula high up and brought it down crashing on her head.

I woke up in cold sweat with a scream trying to escape my lips. I clutched both of my hands on my mouth to stop it's escape. My body was drenched in sweat so I threw off the covers off myself and brought both my knees to my chest to bury my head in between.

My room was pitch black with only the moonlight entering the room from the windows as a source of light. Everything was still and silent as if my nightmare had not ended yet.

I slowly brought my right hand towards the top of my head and traced the dent on it, hidden by my hair

I slowly brought my right hand towards the top of my head and traced the dent on it, hidden by my hair.

I realised that the girl in the dream was me while my father and brother were beating me to unconsciousness.

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