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   Chapter 16 Close encounters

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Updated: 2018-07-24 13:17

The class was absolutely quiet when Mr. Dimitri entered the class again. His hair perfectly set along with his shirt which was now tucked in with the sleeves buttoned up.

It seemed to me that the events from ten minutes ago were just a hallucination. His eyes flickered to me once before he started handing out sheets to some students in the class including me.

I scrutinized the sheet and found out that it was a form to enter a competition. Specifically, a competition held by our college where other colleges also participate. I quizzically looked up from my form to see that others were also confused. What has this competition to do anything with us?

"As you all know that our college holds a competition every year with other colleges on the extra co-curricular activities. This year on my request, the higher authorities have agreed to hold a competition on musicals. I have provided only the selective students the forms who are supposed to practice and train with me individually. Others are not efficient enough so they will ca

trate on me and my teachings. The consequences would be very bad if I see you daydreaming about your boyfriend while teaching you. So I advise you to nip it in the bud before its too late. I don't want to see you having a boyfriend anytime soon."

I was pretty much sure that my mouth was hung open. What was his problem?

He slowly walked towards me and soon I found myself trapped between the wall and him. He was so close that I could literally smell his cologne right off his shirt. It was quite distinct yet familiar.

He looked me in the eye, daring me to do something but I was too caught up in shock to even realize that he tucked a small envelope inside the pocket of my hoodie.

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