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   Chapter 15 Tease

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It was Liza who always woke me up but today my sleepless eyes stayed awake. Liza was sleeping beside me, cocooned in the covers. Her blond hair slightly falling across her forehead, covering her puffy eyes. I softly skimmed my hand on her head and kissed her on the cheek.

The events which transpired left me exhausted. I was tired but still, I could not close my eyes. It was quite a shock to me when Liza told me about her past. Considering the fact that we never dug deep into each other's past, it was really something.

Liza still does not know about my past and it would have been cruel of me if I tried to take away her pain by burdening my pain on her. Moreover, I never want her crying for me. I never want anyone to cry for me. A little piece of sympathy can never heal anything.

It's strange how both of our past is totally different from each other. It is an exact alternative.

They say negative poles attract each other.

I set down the plate of pancakes with blueberry syrup and went upstairs to wake her up.

I set down the plate of pancakes with blueberry syrup and went upstairs to wake her up

"Liza! Wake up! We are fucking late for school! Get your lazy ass up!"

"Five minutes more please!"

"Oh hell no! You get up now Missy!"

With that warning, she was kicked out of her bed by none other than her best friend and her world Rose.

"Come on Rose! It's Tuesday! We can skip school...."

"Oh really? Do you plan on skipping school again? Because I will not let you. So get up, get ready and let us get going because we are already late."

She smiled at how I impersonated her way of waking me up every morning. There were tears in her eyes, happy tears.


Driving our way to school I noticed that there was fresh snow everywhere and it looked like the storm had done wonders in hiding all the warm green vegetation.

The parking lot wa

open jerking me awake.

I heard deep and fast breaths being inhaled and exhaled and a certain pricking feeling at the back of my head made me turn around to meet a very disheveled and sweaty Mr. Dimitri. His dark green orbs were staring at me with some indescribable strong emotions that were confusing me.

His generally set hair was totally messed up as if someone had tugged at them due to frustration while his shirt was untucked with the first few buttons opened up. The sleeves were rolled up in a haphazard way as if it was under time-sensitive urgency. His face, the strong jaw and a stubborn chin with those lips clenched shut, clearly expressed that he was trying to stop himself from doing...something.

He took a step forward but then went two steps back and spoke in his heavy grim voice. "I want you to stay back after the class ends."

And just like that, he left the same way he entered.

My eye suddenly fell on his desk and I saw a music sheet. On the top of it was in the Russian language, a writing which I could not understand. After inspecting the music sheet I decided to click some pictures of the sheet to inspect later.

I tucked my raven hair behind my ear and placed the sheet back to where it belonged inconspicuously.

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