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   Chapter 14 Tears

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Her red sad eyes held such emotions which I thought would never haunt her. I thought that only I was the one carrying the burden of a heavy heart but I was always oblivious to how Liza's eyes would turn wet whenever she saw a small girl holding her mother's hand, whenever she saw a small girl learning to ride a cycle while her father supported her from behind, whenever she saw a brother standing up for his sister, all those times when it used to rain and she would stare outside the window towards oblivion.

I was oblivious.

She looked at me with those baby blue eyes of her which looked as innocent as a newborn baby. Tinted with red they expressed their sorrow and sadness to me for the first time.

Tinted with red they expressed their sorrow and sadness to me for the first time

This Liza was new to me.

This Liza was scaring me.

I was afraid, afraid that she might utter words which I don't want to hear, afraid that she won't tell me what was bothering her, afraid that she will push me away like I used to do to my parents.

"Max doe

the painful memory haunt her.

"Rose I shouldn't have argued with them! Because of me, they are no more! I refused to go out with them on the weekend. My dad was calling me while driving the car with mom and Drew inside. It was raining hard and there was a storm. I did not pick up the phone. The next time when my phone rang I got to know that they had an accident and I became an orphan!"

Her pained expression hurt me. I have never seen her so sad. She was a mourning soul who mourned for her family.

Something dropped down my cheeks and I realized they were my tears.

That night when I was sleeping with Liza in her room, it dawned on me that today the rain was not for me, it was for her.

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