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   Chapter 13 Shivers

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The streaks of mossy greens caged in his eyes stared at me with an unfamiliar emotion which I could not decipher. He got up from his chair and came in the front of his desk to lean on it. His fingers of the right hand clenched the end of the desk and made eerie drumming sounds which made me shudder. His face was stoic with no emotion at display and his hair as brown and as perfect as ever framed his face in an oddly unique way which intimidated me.

A loud thunder roared in the distance welcoming the rain with it. Drops of rainwater splashed on the window pane and small yet recognizable pieces of snow stuck to it making a beautiful canvas. The room had turned colder and there was pin drop silence.

I sat on the bench near the piano and slowly glided my fingers on the top of it

I sat on the bench near the piano and slowly glided my fingers on the top of it. I did not know what to play but the atmosphere controlled me and I started softly, playing a tune I have never heard.

I realized I was playing an original song.

My first original song.

My fingers were playing on their own as if they are controlling me and I had no powe

th her hand, trying to act normal. Her eyes were puffed up with tears and they were red with sadness. Her dark circles made it clear that she was having a very tough time.

I walked up to her and sat on the bed. I am a little awkward at comforting people so I just hugged her and she hugged me back. Her tears made their way to my sweater and got soaked in the dark meshes.

I remember when I used to get sad I just wanted someone to hug me and tell me everything is going to be okay. To comfort me and make me realize that good times come only after bad times.

"Everything is going to be okay Liz" I whispered into her ear and kissed her on the cheek.

"No its not...nothing is ever going to be okay Rose" she whispered back and buried her head in my neck.

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