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   Chapter 11 Uncalled situations

Submission By Korielyn Characters: 2917

Updated: 2018-07-24 13:09

Green was everywhere

Green was every time

Green was hypnotizing me

Green was pulling me towards it like darkness towards light

Green was close to me


Green was staring at me...

She is going to die.


Endless pain. That's what I felt when I opened my eyes. Someone was beating a hammer on my head. I held my head in between my hands trying to clutch it away from the severe pain. I sat up and leaned on the headboard of the bed trying to find some support.

Needless to say, I was having my first hangover and it was not thrilling at all. I tried to see where I was and it relieved me to see that I was in my room. Let me rephrase it.

In my messy room.

It seems like a war cut loose in my room which ended up with casualties such as a broken vase, a toppled chair, books on the desk somehow scattered on the floor and my clothes from

Tears of ecstasy fell down my cheeks and I was happy that I still had the thing I treasure most.

I wrapped a towel around me and stood in front of the mirror which was foggy due to the hot shower. I took out a napkin and rubbed the mirror but as the reflection unfolded in front of me I became pale like a sheet of ice.

There on my shoulders and neck were big red blotches of hickeys. There were some under my breast and ribs like big scratches. I was horrified and shocked at the mirror and the reflection it was showing. It's as if the guy was hell-bent on marking me.

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