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   Chapter 9 Hooded

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I have this odd habit of stretching and yawning when I wake up in the morning and the worst part of it all is that it's infectious. Anyone around in two ft distance can easily get infected and the symptoms are: yawning and stretching. That's exactly what happened to Ivan when he came to the kitchen.

"Rose I am in love with your bed, I slept like a baby. It's so comfortable. Can I marry it?" Ivan rubbed his eyes like a baby and stifled another yawn.

Can I marry it?" Ivan rubbed his eyes like a baby and stifled another yawn

"I don't think it is the has something to do with the tree in the backyard. I don't remember the name but the previous owner said its flower has some kind of chemical in it which can knock out anyone if highly consumed. So I am assuming it was the scent of the flowers..." It was kinda funny how Ivan's eyes turned wide with shock and his mouth was hanging open. He was going to ask something more but I interrupted.

"Where is Mr. Dimitri? Is he still sleeping?"

"You know you can call him Dimitri in front of me. I don't think he'll mind" He ended his sentence with his signature wink and smirk.

"I don't think it's right...I mean he is my teacher so..." I don't know why I do it but I've always called my teachers a Mr or Miss or Mrs. Liza thinks I am retarded since I've never given a nickname to any of my teachers. Maybe it's just the way I am.

"Well, whatever. He left in the middle of the night saying he has something very important to do and it can't wait any longer. He just grabbed his belongings and drove away. I was going to tell you but you were snoring so I didn't wake you up."

Hey! I never snore! Liza is the one who is the snoring one but not me!

"I didn't snore! I never do!" I folded my

oubtedly it was my best girl.

"Hey, hun! Sup? Enjoying your home-alone-day? Are the ghosts from the basement haunting you?"

"Liza don't try to scare me cause its working. You know how much I am afraid of the dark! Anyways it's a good thing that you called because I was going to do the same. So how is your day with Romeo going so far?" I took a bar of chocolate from a cabinet and started nibbling it.

"Oh, everything is so rainbowy and sunshiny! It's perfect! By the way, we are holding up a party here tomorrow and there will be a bunch of hot guys so wear that sexy dress I bought you for Valentine's day."

"Wait, what happened to you begging me to go to the party? How can you be so sure I'll go?"

"Because honey if you don't I'll make sure to bring all the guys home when I return so that you can hook up with some of them. You can't mess with me, honey!"

"Okay, I give up but don't make me wear that piece of cloth which is more like a lingerie than a dress."

"Oh hell no! You are wearing that and its final. See you at the party!" And she hung up her phone like my decision didn't even matter.

I guess I am going to get in deep trouble tomorrow.

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