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   Chapter 8 Open doors

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There are very rare moments in my life when I have truly felt lucky. I remember the day when I got an envelope with my name on it. It was the first time I received a letter and that happened to be my scholarship letter. I was so happy that day. Another time I felt very lucky when I met Liza who helped me to get out of that shag where I used to live after I left home.

I guess it's the third time I truly felt lucky when my phone started ringing.

I excused myself from the dinner table, picked up my phone and went to my room. Ivan was cool with the interruption but the Russian on the other side of the table narrowed his eyes.

"Rose!! Guess what?! Max's parents are not returning home for the weekend! We've got the whole house to ourselves! So max asked me to stay back for the weekend!! You know I can't say no to him....and why would I? It's my golden opportunity to get closer to him. We've also decided to throw a party but we are not sure yet. So I was thinking-" Liza just

t mind waiting if I know I'll be waiting for you. You are my turning page Rosa and I can't believe I've found you. I am never going to let you go, Rosa, are mine and only mine."


The alarm clock on my bedside table woke me up at seven in the morning. I sat up on my bed and stretched my arms and stifled a yawn. It was a very strange dream that I had and it doesn't even make any sense. I shrugged and swung my legs on the left side of the bed to get off my comfy bubble.

On my way to the bathroom, I noticed a very strange thing. My bedroom door was wide open.?

And I am hundred percent sure I closed it before going to sleep.

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