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During these nineteen years of my life, I have never come across a novel or movie where they show the truth. It's such a great irony that whatever they show never happens in real life. Or maybe they do happen in real life. Anyways we will never ever know. The chances are very low but still, we have these wild imaginations like the avatar, hunger games, twilight saga, fast and furious etc. Although I am not ashamed to say that some of the above-mentioned movies are indeed my favorite.

But that's the thing about fiction. A cow lives on a tree.

Someday if I write my story, people will think that it is a fiction but in reality, it is not.

Everyone has their own story and I have mine too and...


"HEY! Watch it rose! Stop daydreaming already!"

"I am sorry Lizzie, you know how I get after the music class, " I said sheepishly.

School had already ended and everyone was scurrying away to their cars in the parking lot to avoid getting wet in the snowfall. There was snow everywhere, covering the parking lot, making it slippery. The only green visible was the campus which was colored in a dark shade of green.

"Soooo, how was your music class?" She asked with a shine in her eyes.

"You mean how was the music teacher right? Well, I guess he is okay. He is good at what he does but he is a little bit younger than what you assumed and he is Russian" We started walking towards our car as flashes of the last period conquered my mind.

I was not surprised when he wrote the name Dimitri Nevada on the blackboard. He was 26 years old and had a prominent Russian accent. But the strangest thing was that he was not looking at anyone, he was just staring at the back of the class, almost as if he was staring at the wall... it was quite creepy.

"Oooo sounds interesting, so what did you guys do?" Liza said with a hint of naughtiness in her voice. I ignored it and replied with as much disinterest I could muster up.

"Oh, nothing much, it was just an introductory class" The curiosity in her didn't melt down as she kept on firing questions at me.

"Oo and what about...."

"SHUSH! Now stop talking and go over there to your boyfriend and kiss him silly. He has been waiting for you for a long time." I noticed Max looking at Liza with gooey eyes as if he was ready to die for her.

Max was really a great guy and I was happy about them. They made a really cute couple. Sometimes I did feel like a third wheeler but I have never spent much time with Max. We are just g

ood acquaintances.

"Aye aye captain!" Liza giggled and ran into Max's arms and started making out with him.

"Geez, I never thought she would take my words seriously"

I went to Liza's car and waited inside. My phone vibrated indicating there was a new message.

Hey, I am sorry but max and I are going over to his place. His parents are not home sooo...Drive safely, I will see you tomorrow. k bye! xoxoxo

I sighed at their crazy stupid love and started the engine, driving my way to home. Liza had given me a spare key long ago after she bought the car. According to her what's her's is mine and vice versa. I was quite thankful because my budget is always low since I don't get any supportive measures from my family. Besides Liza never takes a no for an answer.

After a few moments of driving all alone through the woods, I noticed that the road was totally empty with only drizzling snow keeping me company

After a few moments of driving all alone through the woods, I noticed that the road was totally empty with only drizzling snow keeping me company. The sky was still cloudy with gusts of wind blowing some withered leaves with them. Snow on the bushes and the roadside made a peaceful surrounding and it was the perfect setting for the mind to drift away.

But I failed to notice a car with dark tinted windows which was behind me, as stealthy as a snake.

When I reached home I parked the car in our driveway. The tires crunched the gravel underneath and came to a stop with a shudder. I got out of the car and shut it close. My eyes traveled up to the house which has been my home for two years. With its ancient slanted roof and an attic, it looked a bit spooky but nevertheless, it was my heaven. Our home was located in quite an isolated place but it was easy to afford it with the limited resources.

I unlocked the front door and was about to close it when I noticed a car parked a few paces away from our driveway.

Maybe the person is lost.

I know how it feels when you get lost somewhere. When I was new here I always used to get lost and I had to call Liza a hundred times to get the direction but now I know the place like the back of my hand. Practice makes you perfect I guess.

I shrugged and closed the door, went to my room, took a shower, changed into comfy clothes and plopped on the living room sofa while watching one of my favorite movies, twilight.

Alas, what better way can there be if you want to forget everything and be someone you are not?

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