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   Chapter 24 ~24~

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"Momy! Momy! Tell me another story!" my little daughter's voice chirps in a dimly lit room.

"Didn't dad told you one already?" I say while tidying her room before her bed.

She always leaves her toys scattered on the floor. Teddy bears, rabbits and all kinds of other animals are in her ever growing collection.

"He don't know how to tell a good story."she pouts her little lips.

"Then what do you want to hear, Mia?"

"Princesses!" Mia's shouts enthusiastically. "How the prince saves a princess from..... from..... I don't know what." she laughs.

"Well, let me think of something...." I put a finger on my lips, as I am in deep thought. "I have one, but promise me you will go to sleep after that. No more night activities for you."

"OK, OK. Enough. Just start now."

"Once upon a time, in deep, deep and dark forest lived a king. His land filled with sorrow and fear, his heart black as his eyes. It is said, that whoever enters his domain, vanishes from existence, disappears from this world, from hearts of kin, from memories of people they lived with, to never be remembered again nor grieved for. He spends his days in thick, fog filled woods and waits for his next encounter with his prey or something else. He waits patiently, as death stands by his side, for someone to come, to wake him up from a long slumber, that he have spent half of his life. He knows, that he will rise again for those who need him. On one such night he walked the forest in silence, watching the creatures scour in fear, as they crossed his path. Ever

r to the room opened and I saw Derek's handsome face, his loving eyes gazing upon us.

"Mia! Time to sleep. No more stories. And the same thing for you, Silver."

We both gave our daughter goodnight kisses and wished her a wonderful sleep.

After entering our bedroom I gazed on my husband. I still feel the same way as on the first night I met him. My heart flatters just by being near him.


"Yeah! Whats up?"

"Do you think Miakoda is still out there...somewhere.....happy?"

"Of course she is. Miakoda is with her mate and I believe she is enjoying her life."

"I hope so. She kind of deserved a better life after everything had happened to her....."

"Silver, don't think so much about such things. I believe she is."

He gives me the same gentle good night kiss as for our daughter and tucks me under the sheets, like some little girl.

"Do you need a bed time story too?" he asks with a smirk on his face.

"No...." I smile back.

"Then..... good night sleep, my love!"

"Goodnight, Derek."

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