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   Chapter 23 ~23~

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Back in my cell I could not calm down. My heart was racing like mad anticipating tomorrow's events - the end of my life. I should sleep and try to relax and cherish my last moments, but I feel nothing can be helped. No matter how much I want to focus on different thoughts, in moments my mind shifts back to the awaiting execution. I feel like some criminal, days spent in prison and the received attitude from others suggest that I am. I have broken some important rules. No one tries to find and see true culprits of this mess, Alpha just puts the blame on me, on low omega, who will eventually will not be missed by anyone. I suppose it is easier for them, than just blame someone from higher ranks.

I notice my hands are trembling slightly - stress and chilling air from a small window taking it's toll. It is dark outside, not a single cloud covers the star lit sky. A small glimpse of moon shines over the town. The full moon have passed, howls of others do not shatter the night anymore. Only silence.

I can't believe I have found my mate. It was not a pleasant experience, but at least I know now, that he exists, such things like 'a mate' exists. I was so foolish to doubt Moon goddess, that she have forgotten about me. But the timing could not be worse than it have been now. Was I in a wrong place at the wrong time? Maybe if I have met him at different time in different life, things would be less problematic. Who knows.

On that full moon night I thought I felt him, that little glimpse of his feelings.....emotions or whatever that might have had. But tonight I feel nothing, not a single trace of his existence lingers in the air. It is just only me all alone.

I can't help myself, but feel pity of my pathetic life. I let my tears fall. My heart feels heavy filled with bitterness of my future which I will not have. I feel so afraid, so afraid.

Dan's POV.

After a stroll outside Kodiak's mansion I have returned back to give him a hand in today's work. He asked for my assistance himself. I heard that a girl which was brought days ago will be executed. It pains me to hear about that. Such thing have not happened in a long time, since the old Alpha times, if I remember correctly, but I was too young to pick up on details or wasn't interested at that time in such matters. Kodiak have decided to take such measures this time, which I assume are reasonable, as that girl have betrayed the pack. She had mated with an outsider and a dangerous one. Though I hardly know who he is. Alpha is not very opened about that subject even towards me, his right hand man. Well whatever. At least it will serve as a warning to others who might decide to break the law.

That day, when I saw her in his office, she looked awful - pale, weak and broken. I smelled a strange scent on her, most likely her mate's, but it was something I have never sensed before. The scent was so different from any other wolf I have encountered. I am oddly intrigued to see that male, who have brought Kodiak to take such actions towards the member of his own pack.

Sun this morning is piercing bright. It illuminates the light front garden to the point of blinding me. Less guards are around today too. Commander Alex have sent some on patrolling the territory. Few have been missing or absent and he took some from Alpha's property to fill the empty spaces.

I decide to take a seat on one of the benches near a fountain and relax before heading to see Kodiak.

Not too long after I see a tall man approaching the gate. His form is buff, strongly built body with dark hair. Expensive suit and a stance full with confidence and superiority. Chin raised high like he is some king in this place. For a split second I thought it is our alpha, as this man's face seems so much like Kodiak's, but on the closer look I can see he is nothing like him. The aura of dominance is radiating from him even so far as I am.

Who is he? Someone important? Might be. He eyes the garden behind the gate and our eyes meet, which sends a slight shiver down my spine. This man's gaze is so intense and demanding. I have never exp

ion. My feet loose any strength after setting my eyes on horrendous sight in the garden. I collapse on my knees and let my emotions free. I cry and cry silently alone in this bloody room.


I have been set free after the incident. We no longer have our Alpha. Everybody thought that Muraco will take his place, as he defeated and killed Kodiak, but he have not been seen around since. Our pack have been left without a proper leader and I don't know what will happen after this.

I have not shown my face in town, too afraid to hear the complaints and blaming from others. Back in my log house I have been rethinking of things I should do. There will be no life for me in this town. I cant stay here. It will be a constant nightmare. Where should I go then? I have no one in this world. Everybody have left me.

I sit on old crumbled stone wall near my house, where an old building used to be, thinking on options over and over again. Should I just leave everything behind and start a new life somewhere else.....far, far away?

Unnoticed the whole day have passed and finally I have decided to move. I will not take anything with me at the moment. Maybe later I will come back...... I am kind still unsure of my decision after all, but ......

I shift in my wolf and feel so relaxed and in piece with myself. It is like changing my old skin and life to new one. I never enjoyed properly my ability to shift, since I acquired it.

My sight is set to the forest on other side of the field. In slow rithmic steps I run in unknown direction. My white paws hit the soft grass under and my body moves in smooth motion. I hear the wind howl passed my ears and sounds I have never heard as a human. A new start.

Nearly at the edge of the field my feet stop instantly, after seeing a strange sight in front of me.

A large black wolf is sitting, waiting for something....looking in a direction I have decided to go. Noticing me his head slowly turns to face me, it's eyes watching me silently.

It's him....Muraco....

He have been here all this time? I thought he have left long ago, gone back to wherever his mind is, but I was wrong.

He is here, watching me and waiting. Waiting for what?

I feel slightly afraid to make a move.

He still watches me and I finally take a courage to move forward. Reaching up to him he shifts slightly and moves forward as well, keeping an eye on me at the same time. He does not appear threatening this time, more like a regular animal of the wilds.

Is he the one, what's left in my life, the only person who might care about me?

I wish I could overcome my fear of him, trust him and hold him in my heart as it was intended to.

And be happy for once.

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