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   Chapter 22 ~22~

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Last words of Rose still stayed in my mind after she left. I am and have been totally oblivious to the experiences a mate bond gives. I have heard stuff, but never experienced it before. Like everything else, I thought it cannot happen to me. Like she said, by him being near me, would help me get back my health.

Muraco's presence.... Could I stand it? After everything he have done? He is a beast. Wild and aggressive. Can he control himself? The nature have shifted him in this way, most likely along with the inherited blood that flows within his veins. What have he gone through? My mind can't grasp an idea, that a child could survive alone, but he did. And he have grown up strong and healthy.

Muraco..... Muraco..... his name sounds so strange in my mind. It is not common, his parents have given him the ancient name, like for the rest of the main Alpha family. So fitting to his true nature – ancient like himself. A remnant from the past of our kind. Compared to him, we are just some puppies running around and through the world – weak, fragile, carefree and oblivious to life around us. We do not care about our surroundings, always being on top of the food chain. No creature would cross our pass willingly, confront us, they would always give as a way. But at that moment, when I saw him and everyone else, we knew and got to experience the feeling, what it is to be in a shadow of someone more superior – him.

I have been anxious for last couple of hours. Here in this tiny cell time passes slowly, thoughts keep my mind busy – unnecessary thoughts, which I would like to dismiss. I will see Alpha Kodiak and then I will know what my future holds. I feel that nothing can be worse than it is now. But deep down I have the feeling that more things will be thrown upon me. It is so overwhelming and I sense that this time it will be the end of me.

My train of thoughts get interrupted by a door opening and my heart beats slightly faster on seeing only a guard in front of me.

?Get up!" he says sternly.

I climb out of bed slowly, as wounds limit my movem

r get his hands back on you."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because you will see the end of your days before he knows what is going on. He will suffer and will feel the pain he have deserved, just for being born."

I am going to die.....

Tears welled up in my eyes on the last words of Kodiak. " can you do this to your own brother.....?"

".....he is not my brother and have never been. Don't you dare to put me in the same bag as him....... Tomorrow you will see your execution. Enjoy your last hours of your pathetic life!"

"" I said quietly under my breath.

His attention was averted away from me, like I did not exist anymore, even though I was still in the room. I did not notice a guard's hand back on my arm. I was being pulled out of Kodiak's office, back to my cell, where I will spend my last hours. I hold back tears. He did not deserve to see the panic and helplessness in me.

"Fine. I will gladly accept your decision, but one day you will face much greater demise yourself. There is no way Moon goddess will let you go unpunished for your cruel actions."

Only thing I heard from him after door closed in front of my face was his distasteful snort. Just in few seconds tears poured over like waterfalls from my eyes.

This was so scary.

I will die.....tomorrow......

There is no way I can escape my death this time.......

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