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   Chapter 21 ~21~

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" he your .....?"

"No! You silly!" Rose let out a quiet laugh. "He is not my child, Miakoda. Though I wish he would. He is a brother of Kodiak.... or I would say... a stepbrother."

"A brother......of our Alpha? I.... I cant believe it. Alpha Kodiak seems to hate him very much. It seems.... Why?" my hands were trembling slightly, as all this new information seemed to be too much for me to take.

"There is very little of us, who knows the truth of him and why he is no longer with our pack. But I will tell you everything you need to know. After all you deserve some explanation, concerning the fact you are his mate."

"Mate? How do you know I am. I haven't told it to anyone except...." my eyes were set on my hands placed in my lap.

"Such news spread fast in this household. ..... You know I am truly happy he have found you at last and for you the same. He is not a bad person and I believe he cares for you. Just don't judge him for that, please. Muraco might not have the best ability to show it...."

My mate..... Muraco certainly did not show the best side of him. He cares.....for me...... I just want to laugh at that, but only tears keep falling remembering his treatment.

Rose sighed. "It is been 25 years since the last time I saw him. He is been away for so long.... ."

"25? How old is he then?"

"Will be 36 I guess. I don't know. It's been so long

ly healing. With Rose's help I will get better soon.

"You know, a presence of Muraco would do much better job, than my knowledge and skilled hands." Rose said in a whisper.


"A bond you share with your mate would help to heal your injuries much faster. Especially yours (a bond). Muraco is strong, full with raw energy. He is a one you need the most right now, Miakoda. Either you want it or not. You may struggle against your bond, you may have mixed feelings, but eventually your inner callings will take over and you will follow the voice of your wolf and your heart. Now, take a rest. I heard you will see Alpha today. I wish you luck, child."

Rose made final touches on my wound and she quietly left.

My thoughts were swirling around Muraco and his terrible childhood. I tried to figure out what he have gone through, being by himself, how it may affected his personality and a way he treats others.

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