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   Chapter 20 ~20~

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* Muraco - white moon

*Miakoda - power of the moon


I heard from the guards, that today I might be seeing Alpha. I dread for that moment, wishing to never face him again, but I hardly doubt I can avoid it. Maybe he have figured out what to do with me – my punishment. I can't help myself, but feel a little flame of anxiety siting in me.

On other side of a door, guards seem to be in chatty mood. Whole morning they have been discussing their stuff in hushed voices. I am unable to hear their full conversation, only few words here and there manage to come my way. They seem to be on edge about something.

I wish to know, what they are talking about. Maybe I can hear some information about my near future. My hearing is tuned to pick up any word concerning me, as I sleep close to the door.

?.... crap! I wouldn't like to be sent there. It is so far away. My wife and kids won't see me for a long time. He can pick someone else for that job."

?I understand. .... Have you seen James? He haven't turned up from a scouting last night."

?Aghh... probably sleeping in the woods. He have always been lazy. Don't worry about him so much. James will turn up sooner or later."

?So you say.... ...... though I have a bad feeling about him...."

?Stop it Carl! You have listened too much of that gossip about that girl in here. Do you think that monster will come here, just to pick a fight? He would be really stupid to stick his nose in our territory. All alone? No way! We are too many."

?But.... I heard they have mated. You know, how crazy a male can get after that......, after a separation. What if he... is still after her?"

?Carl, listen. None of it is true, believe

like I was being afraid, that somone might hear me say it.

?Who .... what is he?" I asked, while more tears slowly appeared.

Rosa looked at me, long silence dragged until she spoke.

?Muraco is a werewolf in it's true form. A form of our kind, how they used to be long, long ago – strong, smart, brave and extremely wild, aggressive. Made for their survival. Made for dominating and ruling over everything their eyes see. Lycan. Though his kind are long gone from this world at this time, but somehow, his dear mother was carrying a gene of our wild ancestors. It got passed down to him, but.... As for his mother, it lay dormant, not showing any sign of it's existence. For him.... it came to surface, making him for who he is now."

I was starring at Rosa with wide eyes, as I could not believe the information she told me. He is a werewolf, a true werewolf! From this many questions started to flood my mind. I wanted to ask all of them at the same time, but it would be impossible. I was overwhelmed.

?How do you know these things about him?" I managed to speak finally.

?Because Muraco is a part of my family."

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