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   Chapter 19 ~19~

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I have been in this gloomy looking cell for more than a day. Just a tiny window looks out, only inches above the ground. This basement room holds very little warmth and I can imagine, that water pours in through the bars locking the small opened space. Some old mud have already been collecting under it. I shudder. Once again I am in uncomfortable situation. I would like to sleep in warm and cozy bed, with silky blankets and peace in my mind.

I am so shocked of Alpha's reaction towards me. He genuinely hates me. But why? Is it because I broke the rule or because I have been in close contact with my mate..... a beast roaming forests of the far north? Kodiak did not explain anything to me, just put me in this jail for my crimes, which I didn't do. He is so cruel and unforgiving. He treated me like a crap and worthless being. Is this a true face of him? I heard he is strong, smart and brave. Kodiak cares about his pack and every member in it, takes reasonable actions to protect us and keep peace in our group. Is he like that and I failed to notice it? Or maybe it is an attitude towards the low rank from a highborn wolf? Must be it. He is at the very top and why would he care about weak omega? I have to accept the treatment I have always been getting and it wont change even from Alpha himself.

My eyes go back to the window and I stare blankly at it for a long time, watching, as a light of the day changes outside.

Door of my cell opens with a loud squeak, but I do not bother to look up, for who it is. Light steps shuffle towards me.

"Miakoda?...... Mia!" a soft voic

ear I felt in his presence. So very similar look to my mate bothered me too. And the most unnerving felt the thought of my punishment. What will it be? Will I be sitting in prison for rest of my life? Hard work or maybe even death? Death. I have seen it many times and each time it scares me beyond my mind.

Everything have built up in me and I let my tears go free. I cuddle under a thin blanket and watch out at the moon. Soft sniffing fills the room and a sound of my heartbeat in my chest.

Tonight feels the same, like many full moon nights before. Loneliness fills the air, but this time it feels heavier than ever before. This time it is suffocatingly bitter and painful.

Could it be him I feel?

Howls of other wolfs fills the air and then a very distant sound comes through them. A howl, the same like others, but at the same time so much different, so familiar and strange, as it blends in with others, barely audible.

Or maybe it is just my imagination...... longing...... for someone....

.....for someone I wish not to meet again.....

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