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   Chapter 18 ~18~

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Both of them wore black expensive suits, they looked rich and I realized I have never seen them wondering around this town.

The fact that Alpha Kodiak wanted to see me personally surprised me even more. I have never been near his property, near him or in contact with so high ranking werewolves in general.

These two man must be under his direct command. Their stare was set hard on me and I could not help, but submit myself to them.

"Uhmmm..... Can I first go to my house and change my clo....."

"No! You are coming right now!" one of them said harshly.

He took hold of my upper hand and dragged me out, like I made some objection, but I did not. Though I was little bit hesitant to step outside in such a look - I had only Megan's shirt on and my naked thighs made me feel uncomfortable.

I took a last look at Megan. She did not look so worried anymore like at the night before, like she didn't care what happens to me. It hurt, realizing than even she didn't give a damn about my well being. It was so hard to accept. After all, I still didn't have a single soul in this world, who would be kind enough to show compassion towards me. I was all alone.

Deep down I knew, that our Alpha did not want to just chat with me. I had a feeling it will be a very serious matter.

Those two well dressed man dragged me trough the streets, both of them holding my arms, like I was some kind of prisoner. I felt so ashamed, seeing eyes of other's on me. A feeling in my gut told me, I most likely will be in center of gossip for a long time.

"Wh...why does Alpha wants to see me?" I was curious.

One of them looked at me with a disgusted expression: " You should know better."

I was so nervous. Is it because I went to that forest? Megan have told me, that it was forbidden and a rule given by Kodiak. I must be in trouble. But.... so do others. Others? Like there is someone else who returned. I might be only one and I feel I will have to pay for breaking this rule. Though Silver and Derek is back too. I wonder what have they gone trough?

I have been busy thinking about my 'crimes', when I hardly noticed, that we have arrived at Alpha's huge mansion. It was beautiful up close. Large metal gate protected the entry way with guards on every corner. In a middle a gigantic fountain accented a beautifully lush front garden. So many men were ar

He released me and swiped my hair away from my neck, revealing a half healed marking left by my mate.

I whimpered by the harsh treatment he gave me.

"What the hell, bitch! Did..... did he mark you?" He took my hair and hold my head, so that I am faced with his hateful stare. His eyes bore in to mine with hate, his face twisted in anger. I could not answer him anything, I was scared and I could not lie to him. It was all true. He marked me. He did it against my will. All I could do is let out a quiet whimper in my response.

"I can't believe it! What else he did to you?"

His words were so harsh, filled with venom. I have never received so much hate from anybody in my life. And a fact that our Alpha hated me, felt so devastating, like I had done some crime and I am not part of a pack anymore.

"Just don't tell me, he managed to mate with you too. It would be some damn good surprise for me, given from him." he shook my head once more.

Silent tears streamed down and I could not say anything in return. I felt so hurt. I thought I will get some support from my pack, but nothing of that sort have come. Kodiak makes it sound like it is all my fault of what happened.

"You know.... you have broken more rules, than anyone before in regards of this subject. You will pay. I will make sure of it. I will see it to myself, what punishment you shall receive, bitch!"

Kodiak let go of my hair harshly and shoved me on the floor with full force.

"Dan! Come to my office and escort this 'lady' to the cellar." Kodiak nearly shouted through the phone.

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