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   Chapter 17 ~17~

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Finally I have reached my town. It is located on the edge of civilized area, beyond it - nothing human made exists, only wast plains and forests spread, as far as it could go. For that reason I could not find anyone on my way to ask for help.

Many days have passed and I have not eaten anything. My stomach hurts so bad and my deep wounds too. Though they are healing slowly.

My, so called 'mate', have finally left me. I don't feel his presence anymore, nor his scent. I have calmed down and don't feel so frightened anymore. Probably he figured out himself, that this is not place for him, in so well protected territory.

But it doesn't make me feel safe, though he is nowhere near me.

My log house is on other side of town. I have to go through the streets to make it there. But I am on my last breath. I can't go no more. There is no one I can ask for help. That's an irony. I came back here, like someone would be waiting for me. But no one is. Like always I am all alone. Silver might be dead along with Derek. There is only one person left, who would be close enough to land me a hand and help recover - Megan.

Her house is dark, no light shines through her windows. At this hour she might be asleep. In fact the whole town is very quiet. I have not seen anybody so far. All of them are comfortably sleeping in their beds with not a single worry in life.

I take my paw and scrape on her wooden door and hope that she will be able hear me. After few moments she opens a door, her face confused and sleepy.

I make small whimpers and pray that she will recognize me. Megan have never seen my wolf. My pleading eyes lock with hers and then she responds.

"Miakoda? Is that you? Where have you been? What happened? Girl, come look awful."

Megan moved out of the doorway and I stumble

sence made me awaken my inner werewolf. I still don't understand a thing about this aspect, but..... that's what I think it means. There is no other explanation in my mind.

I feel so relaxed when I submerge my sore body in the warm water. The scarring have overgrown with healing scabs, being soaked in water they do not make my injuries hurt so much. I clean them thoroughly, as much as I can, wash my hair and finally put Megan's given shirt, which reach almost to my knees.

Megan shows me a place to spend a night and disappears in her own room after that. I will be sleeping on her couch, she could not provide me with better bed, as she have no other, but for now it will be as a heaven for me, in contrast of the hard and cold stone floor in my mate's cave and forest in general. I drift in sleep, as fast as I close my eyes, so tired and exhausted.

Megan wakes me up the next morning. I see the time is only 9 am. I wish to lay a bit longer, but her shaking does not let close my eyes for another second.

"Wake up, Miakoda! Get up! Alpha Kodiak wants to see you urgently!"

With sleep still in my eyes I look at her and only after that I notice two large man behind her, watching me intently.

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