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   Chapter 16 ~16~

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That's all I feel. I am so cold. My eyes do not want to open. Am I dead?


I wake up after I have been drifting in to sleep for hundredth of time. Cool air is still surrounding me and I hear heavy droplets of rain falling around me. With difficulty I pry my eyes open and see, that I am still in the same forest, where I passed out, but taking a quick look around I realize, that I am not in the same place. On top of me strong spruce branches cover me, the spot seems to be overgrown with trees. Peering through thick foliage, I see the rain pouring down, like there is no tomorrow. Lucky me, for some reason, half of it does not reach my lying form. Only small droplets here and there make it's way on my dirty coat.

Something is off.

My fur is clean, back in it's outstanding color. No traces of mud and rubbish in it, but nonetheless I am soaked to the bone, which makes my body let out frequent shivers.

I take deep breath and try to come back to reality and figure how I got here in a first place. My stiff legs barely make

pty .......

His scent still lingers around me. My eyes dart around and then I notice him. At the far end of my vision, his huge black form stands still and watches me from afar. What does he want? Leave me alone! I cry. I move forward, but my eyes are set on him, waiting for his next move, but he does nothing. Only then, when I have almost lost sight of him he lifts up his head and lets out a howl so loud, it could wake up everybody in this forest. It lasts long and my heart goes crazy hearing it behind me. Then it dies, but I can still faintly hear the last remaining sounds it hold under his breath.

I move not looking back this time.

Just leave me be....



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