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   Chapter 15 ~15~

Remnant By SBany Characters: 4158

Updated: 2018-07-18 17:04

I can't believe myself! Have I finaly turned in to my wolf form? No way!

My sudden excitement is short lived, when burning pain takes over my injuries. Wounds have opened up and I feel warm blood coating my fur and skin around, as I have started to move faster. It stings and is making difficult to run. Even if it feels faster, than in my human form, it is still not enough to cover the distance I wished to. Every step forces small whimpers to escape as the pain is unbearable. But I have to keep going and loose him – my mate.

That word just makes me want to tear up. All these lonely years my biggest wish was to meet my soulmate. I dreamed of it and imagined it to be the most amazing moment in my pathetic life. I wished to find somebody, who would care about me, be my very best friend and lover. I wanted so much to be with someone, who would love me and I could return the same feelings from all my heart. But all I get is cruel, heartless killer in return. Do I deserve it? Why? Why me?

I feel my heart slowly breaking in to pieces. Emotions have boiled up to the point of spilling over and something else adds up to it more. I can feel him more than ever. Like he is right next to me, so near, as I almost hear his rapid heartb

but who? I am still too far from my home and I suppose the civilization is in no reach too. The scent is faint and it might be left here days ago.

Could it be, that someone from my group survived?

No.... everyone died. I heard them, I saw them loose their lives. Mike....Jeff..... Rogue. Silver and Derek......

Silver! Derek!

I remember Jeff saying something about them getting away..... Could this be a scent of them left behind? Are they still alive? I have to get to them! Now!

I try to lift myself up from the ground, but my body does not move an inch. A strong whimper leaves me, realizing I cannot move and escape.

I lay my head back down and accept that I might die here. I have never felt so weak in my life, so helpless and destroyed. My eyes close and I fall asleep and complete silence surrounds me.

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