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   Chapter 14 ~14~

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My mate drops me roughly and I crush hard on the hard rock floor in his cave. The fur nest is right next to me, but he purposely shoved me on uncomfortable surface, like I have deserved it. Why is he so wild and cruel? And why to me, his own mate? Does he feels nothing towards me? Might not. The same way as I feel nothing for him, only fear. Maybe my fear is so strong, that it masks my inner callings. But what about him? Will I ever know, what is in his head?

On the way back his sharp claws were dug in my wrists making them bleed again. He is angry and I see large puffs of air coming out of his nostrils, as it makes a visible cloud in contact with cool air. His breathing is hard and irregular. I watch him in fright. He nearly looks as menacing as on the night I first saw him, maybe even more. I have made him very mad, very mad for running away. But what could I do? I can't make myself to stay with him here, like nothing have happened. We are from different worlds, very unfamiliar worlds to each other, which makes hard for us to understand each other. I even hardly know what he truly is, I have only guesses.

His constant pacing back and forth at the entrance of the cave, makes me nervous. He appears in deep thought about something, most likely, what to do with me.

I feel so scared and can't stop crying. My salty tears fall on my wrists, making my wounds sting, but it feels like nothing, compared to the suffocating feeling my racing heart makes.

With few large steps he disappears from my sight, but I am still able to hear his hard stumping outside. I don't understand him. One moment he is so silent like a mouse and another like a massive and noticeable elephant. Two extremes. He have learned his ways in order to ambush his pray or threaten his enemies.

A howl mixed with a loud roar shatters fragile morning peace outside. I feel it. There is anger accompanied with a hint of sadness and regret. For someone else it is just a nasty growl, but for me ...... I can feel the emotions he have put in it or..... have let out..... But again I don't know the true meaning behind them. All this 'mate' thing is so confusing to me. As the howl slowly disappears in air, the effects have made my hands tremble hearing and feeling the intensity it hold.

The stomping becomes louder again and as he finally faces me, our eyes meet. This time there is something else in them, something very unfamiliar to me. He comes closer, not

s somewhere nearby. I am tucked back in many furs, my wounds have stopped bleeding, but if I will try to move, they will open up again. I want to curl in to a ball and cry myself until I pass out and am freed of this nightmare, but I can barely move. Everything hurts like hell.

I have to get away from him, even it is a last thing I do in my life. If he finds me the next time, I would rather die than stand another torture.

How can someone do such thing to his own mate? Only a monster..... that what he is......

A monster.

I lift myself up and stagger towards the exit. My walk is wobbly and slow. I start to think of how will I be able to escape in this kind of condition, if I barely could, while I was in much better shape?

My feet touches dump moss outside. Day is very gloomy, matching the state I am in. I move in direction of the swamp, where I lost my pack mates.

Painfully slowly.

I sense my mate nearby and that urges me to move faster.

I feel him nearing, making me go in panic once again.

I run, run and run.

I urge myself to go faster by every step I make. As I feel him dangerously close to me, out of true panic something unexpected happens. I am trying to move faster, ground under me comes closer, my speed increases and only then I notice two snow white paws in front of me, appearing in my vision one after another in rithmic steps. I try to figure things out, not stopping on my way.

Through the pain of my injuries and with a help of panicked state I have failed to notice, that I have shifted.

Shifted into a snow white wolf.

My very first shift.

But at what cost it came?

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