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   Chapter 13 ~13~

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I can't calm down feeling him so close to me. His breathing and body heat, his smell gives me mixed feelings. I am sleeping stiff of the nervousness I experience. It is been hours and he have not moved an inch from my side. Is he really asleep or just pretending and still is on guard about my moves? I feel too afraid to move and make sure of it.

My body is not trembling anymore and I have gained some warmth back in my form. The animal furs feel so much better than my slightly rough duvet at home.


Will I ever be able to get back?

I miss my small log house, the lush forest surrounding it and my pack too. Here I am completely alone, left behind by my 'friends' or am I just a survivor of my mate's wrath?

My sleep have been quite comfortable, I could not wish better, until I woke up it is. Now all the tension in my body is back, making me experience unpleasant 'pain'.

.....please, just leave me be alone for small amount of time! A time in which I could slip out of his den and maybe have a chance to see a freedom again....

Everything is quiet here. Only a light breathing sound of me and him fills the air.


A growl of my hungry stomach. My last meal was more than a day ago and now my stomach demands something to eat. But nothing is here nor I have a chance to get it myself.

I see an annoyed flicker of his furry ears. I flinch, as a first thought in my mind is, that I might have annoyed him in any way, in which I will have to face consequences. Another flicker and then his large body lifts from a carpet of furs. Not taking a second glance back at me he slow

s by his feet. His eyes this whole time have not left mine. Instinctively I take few steps away from him. He comes closer and slowly starts to transform in a form of the beast. Too frightened I close my eyes as I feel his rugged breath nearly fanning top of my head. His breathing quickens and becomes heavier and I mentally shrink down to almost invisible thing.

He is mad and becomes more enraged by every passing second. As sensing his attempt to get hold of me, I burst out in reasonings I am here.

?Please! I am so sorry! I did not want to run away. I.... came to look for you....." I whimpered.

It did not stop him and he grabbed my fragile looking arm and like previously dragged me back to a spot I run from. On the way back, I realized I have not been far from the cave I wanted to get away so much. Appears I have been running in circles or lost and have not reached a place far enough for him to loose me.

My eyes started to hurt again of intense crying. This time I was really scared for my life. He will not spare me, I could feel it deep down in my soul.

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