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   Chapter 12 ~12~

Remnant By SBany Characters: 2135

Updated: 2018-07-18 17:03

All I feel is indescribable feeling of warmth and calmness in me. Something I have never felt before. The same heartbeat rings in my ears along with my own. Am I dreaming? How could this be possible after all the events in the forest and after the encounter of my mate?

I move and then I feel my sore limbs and at the same time I realize I am still in this nightmare along with a murderous beast by my side. My heart picks up it's speed, but I desperately want to experience that relaxing feeling I was having moments ago.

It is no use and I finally open my eyes. Light from a fireplace is almost out, leaving only a faint gleam illum

much larger than any regular wolf or werewolf there is. Black and menacing.

For my surprise he lays back in his place, like nothing happened. I do not want to anger him. I fear he might do something really bad to me if I manage to piss him off. I do the same and lay down back in my nest of furs. For how long? I don't know. There must be time he will loose his guard and I will be able to escape. I have to be patient.

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