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   Chapter 11 ~11~

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Movement from his part snaps me out of my thoughts. His presence alone makes me want to disappear.

?What do you want me to do? I ....don't understand...." I whisper, but I am certain he heard me well as he comes closer making me cover in fear once again. ?Do....don't touch me!"

I move few feet farther away from him – deeper in agonizingly cold water. For some miraculous reason he stopped, his hand lifted in midair, as he neared me. First time he actually listened to me.

My trembling hands comforts my weak body, some blood comes off, coloring the clear water in crimson red and revealing deathly looking pale skin under the dirt it have been covered in.

Now I knew, why he brought me here.... to clean myself, to wash away all this filth.....

I did not lift my eyes to look at my captor, but tried to get everything in me to bear with being in this icy pond. More blood and mud came off and it felt little bit revealing to feel clean again. All I could hear from him was his slightly heavy breathing, his relaxed and calm intakes of air. Opposite of me, who was terrified to the core this whole time.

I could not bare his intense gaze, which I felt on me and turned my body away from his eyes. A minute later I heard him leave a pond. Only the faint howling of the wind surrounded me, allowing me to have a relaxed breath in a long

look up at him. He seems more relaxed, less angry looking. That soft glow is lighting up his usually hard gaze.

He lets go of me. I notice my feet on a warm and soft fury rag placed on the floor, making me melt of the satisfying feeling of it. More are scattered near – pelts of various animals. Deer, elk, fox and .....wolf hides are placed in his den.....


....he kills them....

....I am partly a wolf.....

.....he kills our kind....

....and what is he?

A lump sits in my throat and my body have become stiff.

I am pushed carelessly on one of them. As he sees my trembling form, he drops more hides nearly on top of me and I am engulfed in soft abundance of fur. Instinctively I draw them closer for so much needed warmth, even forgetting where they came from.

At this moment this beast is out of my mind and all I can think of is sleep I desperately need.

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