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   Chapter 10 ~10~

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My heart is beating like crazy, but I am not sure, if it is because I am so near my mate or the fear of him. Uncertainty of my future makes it hard to think clearly.

His hands are still on me, examining every inch of my body. The touch is firm and strong, but I feel glad, that not painful.

I have given up on pleading for my life, as all the previous times he have not taken my cries in consideration. He does not understand me or just simply doesn't care. At this moment I am in his mercy.

My eyes are shut and finally I feel him withdraw his hands away from me. Like always, there is silence from his part.

The dark gaze is still on me.

I know he is thinking something, but don't know about what. The choices he will make most likely will affect my current state and future.

Out of nowhere he grabs clothes on my body and tears them open, with such force, it makes just a second's work to remove them. Few more tears and my jacket is gone from my upper body, leaving my naked skin exposed to cool air. I loose my breath.

?Please, please...... don't hurt me.... anymore..." my quiet whimpers are like a chant to my scared mind. What else can he do? Tear me in pieces?

His hands land on my soaked hiking shoes, holding them near him. I feel hot breath hit my thigh, despite the fabric of my pants covering me. In few moments he have taken them off and is proceeding to take off my pants – a last piece of protection from his dark eyes.

Everything he does ma

relessly and so sudden. And water.... this crystal clear and pure water is freezing cold. So cold, it instantly makes my teeth chatter. I cover in attempt to keep some warmth that is still left in me. It feels like a torture, like he does this on purpose. He had many chances to kill me already, but he keeps his animalistic ways to himself at the moment. Why is he treating me like this?

Fresh tears burst out of my blue eyes. I take a glance at him, but like always, his face expression doesn't reveal anything.

My eyes land on the water. Then I see myself in the reflection. A total mess. My face is dirty and bruised, my hair tangled. I notice my hands are bloody too. Then I spot something, that I have forgotten about all these frightening moments. My white hair have become more prominent. A pure, snow white stripe of them is going along my temple and farther away to the back of my head. Why is this happening to me? What is a reason for them to change color so suddenly?

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