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   Chapter 9 ~9~

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I see someone outside, but I am not sure who it is – a beast, animal or human. My throat is dry by spending whole day hanging on an old meat hook without water or food. I want to shout out to whoever is wandering around, but fear keeps me quiet. A last thing I want is for that creature to return.

Maybe it have forgotten about me? I wish so, but then again, I face another problem - I am unable to get off the hook myself. My body is week, stiff and pain is bugging me in different places, reminding the awfully recent events. As little strength I have left, I take another look at the rope binding my wrists. My hands have started to bleed. Some blood is already dry, but when I make a slightest move, rusty metal cuts again in my skin.

This action have made me to move and I see little amount of blood is making it's way down my forearm. I wince – it feels like fire have been poured on my wounds.

A movement near a cave entrance gets my attention. Who is it? Who is wandering so carelessly around a cave of this beast?

Sun is almost setting, but it still gives plenty of strong light. Shadows have formed on rocky walls making me scared and hopeful at the same time, that somebody is out there who can help me.

A shadow of human appears, which seems so unreal at this moment. Am I imagining? I take all my courage to call for help. Now or never.

?" my voice is just a raspy sound, too quiet to distinguish from the wind blowing through cave's passages.

But I noticed, that this human stopped, like

t alone makes me feel very uncomfortable, naked ... among others....? That life might not be for me.

His hand reaches up to me and stays on my waist for a second, then his fingers graze on a rough fabric of my jacket – wet, dirty and smeared with blood, might be torn in places. Like a child he eyes me curiously. It scares me, because I don't know, what is in his mind, what is he thinking or going to do to me. Constant silence from his part just adds up to my fear.

I feel him touching my dirty hair, than coming higher up to reach my face. A whimper leaves my shaking form as I notice his beastly looking nails – sharp like daggers. He could slice my throat just with one finger, if he would like. A bruise on my face burns, after he have traced his claws over it gently. His warm skin makes a contact with mine – it is warm and I want to give in, as my body still shivers from a cold and wet clothes on me. All I need now is a warm and comfortable place to rest, but I hardly doubt, that what is awaiting me.

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