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   Chapter 8 ~8~

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Warmth and a slow heartbeat rings in my ears. I feel so tired and weak, wishing to stay like this for a while and relax. It has been a horrific night running away from that beast.....


My eyes fly open and I try to move, but my limbs are partly constricted by it's hold. A panic rises in me and my hands fly out of it's grasp and I push hard against it's rock hard chest. It is carrying me somewhere, which makes me more afraid.

It's ears go down slightly and then makes a small, barely visible snarl, but it's sight is set on something in a distance. It seems annoyed of my action, as I see it.

Surrounding scene is not that of a swamp anymore, but some trees are still resembling a buggy forest. We might not be too far from the water filled woods.

Collecting all my strength in my legs, I kick myself free and my body connects with a moss covered forest floor. I look at it's face and see it being annoyed even more. I waste no time and scramble farther away from this creature. It's form looms over me high and tall making me wish to disappear from his sight.

?P...please let go!" I plead quietly through my tears.

No response comes from a beast. Instead it takes hold on both of my arms and drags me along, wherever it might be. What is it going to do to me? Does it understand me at all?

I can't stop crying. It is going to kill me... I know it..... Such a ruthless creature would not be capable of anything else.

A side of my leg is scraping against the debris covered ground, making me let out some unpleasant whines. Beast's sharp nails are painfully digging in to my wrists.

Ground under our feet changes to a solid rock - partly covered by dirt, produced by forest around. I lift my head and see a dark opening in a small mountainside. I dig my feet in to the ground in attempts to stop myself from being dragged in that dark

fingers too. Nails look more like claws of a true animal.

?Please.... I don't want to die...." my words come out as a barely audible sound. I don't care if it heard me or not. There might be a chance this beats doesn't understand me.

A heavy grunt comes from his large chest and he leaves me alone once again – hanging on a hook like a dead meat.

Rusty metal is digging in to my skin as well as dirty rope, he have tied me with. Every part on my body feels sore, cool air makes me shiver, as my clothes are still wet from going through pools of water. Silence is surraunding me. I feel lonely and scared. Once again I am left all alone. No one is going to come and save me.

My mate?

He is a one who put me in this situation. No saving me from his part. He is a one I need to be saved from. By who?

By no one.

That is a reality.

I let my emotions go and sob quietly to myself. Huge droplets of tears fall down, making a faint sound in a gloomy cave. As more minutes pass, more pain goes through my wrists. All my weight is put on my week hands. Ground is just a feet or two bellow, not much, but as hard as I try, I can't make myself to reach it.

No escape from here.

Am I going to rot in this place like a corpse next to me?

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