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   Chapter 7 ~7~

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I wasted no time and as soon as I was able to get back on my feet, I run. Away from this damned forest and from this creature – my mate. I did not care, what my inner wolf said to me. I was afraid, like I have never been in my life. The sight of Jeff's death replayed in my mind over and over. So horrible....

Tears were clouding my eyes and I struggled to see through them. I was running blind. My feet splashed on every step I took, making me more noticeable between the cover of wide tree roots. I did not care. It might hear me or might not and I wished for the last. Though, I hardly doubt it have forgotten about my existence, as it disappeared, for a chase of someone else, something more important than me. That beast had more than enough time to tear me in pieces, but it did not. Whatever a reason, I want to get away from it.

Morning light was making it's way through the scattered trees and gave me a little hope of freeing myself of this nightmare. My legs were aching from the running and stumbling on hidden obstacles under a dark water. I could hear my heartbeat, so strong as almost making me deaf to sounds around me. It did not felt like mine, but a heartbeat of someone else, beating as my own.

.....not my own.....

I immediately s

an nothing, if I will be gone from this world....

I open my eyes to gaze at the beautiful sun, but face a black wall blocking it's light. My lip trembles of the sight. A creature I am so afraid of, is standing right in front of me - mouth smeared with fresh blood, which have made it's way down on his wide chest and farther down his abdomen. It stands still for a second and then his huge arms come crushing down on both of my sides, sending splinters of a tree bark flying.

I can't help myself and let out a stuttered whimper. I start to feel haze taking my mind and senses. Fear is what have taken over my whole being. It's huge head comes closer to my face and I feel myself passing out, because of strong emotions filling my mind. Before a total blackness consumes me, I hear it make a quiet snarl, almost as a whisper.


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