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   Chapter 6 ~6~

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Tonight looked to be one of the cold one's. The air was starting to bite and my wet clothes did not help at all to keep any warmth with me. We were siting around campfire, trying to get a good share of comforting heat to our bodies. Exhausted and sleepy we felt.

Everybody have already forgotten about the encounter with a wild animal but not me. My body refused to relax of how anxious I felt.

Time after time my eyes scanned the surroundings. I had a feeling that he is still somewhere around watching us, but the fog denied any view in front of me, as a thick blanket between my mates and the creature, animal.... whatever it is.

But again, the wolf seemed to ignore me, there was only one glance and nothing else. He did not show any sign of recognizing me as his mate or anything of that sort. He just left, like we were a normal part of his world.

Few hours passed and I finally felt myself drift in sleep as well as others. Fire was still in strong flames, which kept me warm and shed some light on gloomy swamp around.

A distant yelp came from somewhere deep within the woods, it was someone of our group. Seconds later one of our mates run in to our camp so fast, nearly taking a campfire with himself. It was Mike. He have shifted in his wolf form. His body was trembling, tail tucked between his legs and hiding behind drowsy Rogue. Mike seemed beyond scared and his shape was so close to ground beneath, it looked like earth will swallow him. What happened? Why so usually brave Mike have changed his character in seconds?

He was whining and only then we noticed a large chunk of flesh being torn out of his shoulder. I was puzzled, how he even managed to move himself so fast before. Mike's flesh was shredded and blood was coating his fur around it, filling the air with a coppery smell.

We all jumped out of our sleeping spaces and some of us were confused, as their eyes just opened. Mike have shifted back in to human, his body naked and dirty from mud and soil he have been going through. He was crying. Mike seemed to be shuttered beyond recognition. He was always so confident, brave and unshakable in his behavior, but something changed it all. Another yelp came from forest and he burst out in tears even more.

?...Maria..." a name of his mate barely came over his lips.

Then everything went silent again, only his sobs filled the cold night air.

Nobody knew what to say or do, we were frozen in place.

?He...he took her.... That monster killed my 'baby'."Mike continued to cry and it looked like he feels more pain over the loss of his mate, than actual inflicted on his shoulder.

?W..what are you talking about? What happened to you?" Rogue finally snapped out of his shocked state.

Mike had trouble forming any word: ?W..we have to g... get out of here or h... he will finish us too."

?MIKE! What is it you are talking about?"

?A b...beast. He is so b...big strong.... I have never seen a

probably was hard for him to understand how much of a 'broken' werewolf I am.

Something dark and large appeared behind him. None of us were able to react, when it sunk it's huge jaws on Jeff's shoulder, almost taking his neck too.

Beast's movements were wild and aggressive, it wasted no time and shook Jeff's form in his jaws like a rag doll. Few unrecognizable sounds came from his torn corpse. Poor Jeff didn't have a time to even register what happened to him.

A desperate scream was sitting in my throat unable to escape, as a lump formed in it. My eyes watched a beast in front. It was big, muscled. It's form was of a human and partly animal. Creature's limbs were larger than ours, packed with pure muscle, skin covered in fine, short fur. A face of a carnivorous animal..... bear..... wolf..... . Large canines coated with fresh blood were visible in his strong jaw.

I did not have a time to inspect him more as he lunged at me. Startled I fell down an my body touched the cold water underneath again. I was paralyzed of fear. I knew it will deal with me the same way, it took care of others.

It came closer on all fours, slowly, taking it's time.....but for what?

It placed his enormous hand beside my head and then other one on other side. He was completely on top of me. I looked at his beastly face and my insides squirmed under his gaze. It was the same feeling, when I saw that black wolf hours before. My wolf whispered to me 'mate'.

His breathing was hard, mixture of blood and saliva dripped on me from his thick, white canines. It did not move and his dark eyes were watching me intently.

A howl in a distance disturbed him...... Rogue... it was him.

Beast's head came up, puffs of breaths mixing with a cold air came from his bloody jaws, it sniffed the air. Hesitating it left my shaking form and disappeared in darkness once again.

Was this creature a wolf we encountered before? Was it really my mate? An actual werewolf?

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