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   Chapter 5 ~5~

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Earth under our feet were starting to get dump. Paths of animals were filled with mud and puddles. Some trees, dead looking, sprouted out from the wet forest floor. I had a clear understanding that we were very close to a place, told in the stories.

My shoes were getting soaked and I saw no point to avoid the puddles anymore. All of us were exhausted, it was hard to walk through these kind of conditions. Our feet got tangled in themselves time to time by uneven surface under us.

?We need to find some dry place and take a rest. My legs are killing me." Silver whined.

?We will. There must be some spot in this forest." Rogue informed us, as he have heard Silver's complaint.

I lifted my eyes and saw more water in front of us. Bushes were appearing less and less as we progressed on our way, trees became larger and wider, but still very lifeless. The roots were spreading wide in all directions, weed grew near them and mosquitoes buzzed annoyingly in front of our faces.

Now my feet were submerged up my ankle and it was impossible to find a dry place in this swamp. Only creatures that were satisfied, seemed to be frogs and toads, who basked lazily on the surface of dead leaves. None less, the swamp looked as ordinary, as any other. Nothing hinted to odd happenings or monsters living here.

The night was on it's way, as the light started to dim slowly and fog was forming on surface of water as well on dump earth. Swamp became spooky looking and it gave me shivers. My 'mates'were quiet, which added the creepy feeling surrounding us.

A loud splashing and heavy footsteps from behind startled our group. We turned around and SURPRISE! It was only Rogue's best friend running up to, in purpose to scare a life out of us.

?Hahahha! Did I scare you?" he said breathless.

?You fucking creep! Don't do it again!" one of the girls slapped him on the chest.

The whole group eased a little bit and we managed to relax. I noticed fog getting thicker and thicker by every passing minute. The only sound filling the air was a laugh of my pack mates.

So odd. All the frogs were silent and mosquitoes were gone too. Not a single sound of nature filled the 'dead' swamp.

?Shhh... shush! Did you hear that?" Derek stopped everyone's laughter.

?What? I don't hear anything." Rogue said and attempted to continue with a fun attitude.

?Did someone turned off the sound?" his best friend tried to accompany him.

In front of us, through the fog appeared a big and dark shadow. It came closer, but it was still hard to see it's features. It was an animal, but what kind of animal?

Our eyes were watching it, as it eerie quietly neared us. It's silhouette broke through the cover of smoky fog and came in full view.

We watched it silently in anticipation, what will it do.

A wolf. Very large, black wolf stared at us in silence. He had stopped too, his one paw slightly up in mid air, but unwilling to be placed back on solid ground. We were surprised, but this creature did not seem to be. It was not scared of us a bit, of us – 15 young and strong werewolfs. I know for myself, that any creature would be wise enough to avoid the likes of us or ordinary humans in general.

My heart was beating loud and my stomach had a storm of butterflies, making me sick, like being on top of roller coaster. He looked scary as an ordinary wolf. His coat was thick and dark, a mane on his shoulder blades was longer than on ordinary wolf's, wet and sticking out like sharp spikes. His eyes.

... so black as his fur, so unusual color for a black wolf. He looked more like an animal out of ice age, than modern inhabitant of our forests - large and strongly built.

He stood still and eyed us carefully, while I felt the hair on my back stand up. I was frozen in fear, but could not understand why..... it is just an animal.

His gaze stopped on Rogue, hard and unmoving. Seconds passed, which seemed like long lasting minutes and an animal sniffed the air in Rogues direction.

His sight was back on him. His stare was of someone, who had no fear of confrontation, it was not of a scared animal. A black wolf finally moved his head, carefully checking out every individual in our group until it came to me. His gaze stopped and my heart stood still at that moment.

For some reason, for the first time I heard my inner wolf talk to me, but it was only one single word that came out of her – 'mate'.

Have I gone insane? Can this animal really be my mate? Is it a werewolf?

His eyes bored in me, unwavering and fixed. My chest felt heavy, I needed air, but the emotions I felt at that moment, made it much harder to acquire it. For some reason I did not feel excited or happy. Everything of that was smothered with suffocating fear. I was sure it is not how it's suppose to feel, after finally finding your other half or soulmate. Something was off about this creature, my body told it, but my mind struggled to register.

He finally put his paw down in the black water that surrounded us and turned away, leaving our group behind, as his form slowly disappeared deeper in invisible forest ahead. He left in complete silence, no growling, no snarling from his part or any other sound. Even as his paws touched the water, it left no trace of sound after itself, only ripples of water left a place where his paws sunk in water. Our meeting felt like hours, but actually it wasn't even couple of minutes, that passed by.

?Ohhh my god! I nearly pissed myself!" one guy broke the eerie silence.

?It was probably just a wild wolf. Nothing to fear about. He left anyway. Stupid animal knows who is superior." Rogue proudly stated.

We took a moment to relax and everybody seemed to calm down, but I could not make myself forget the feeling I had seeing it - or him. I still felt very shaken by the encounter.

Our eyes scanned for any place with no water to make a fire and sleep over the night.

?Hey! Guys? I think I see a good spot" Jeff's voice came from somewhere in the fog. We followed the direction it came from.

A small mound of ground was in front of us and our friend stood proudly on the top.

I desperately wanted to sit down and get some sleep, if I will be able to relax myself. My limbs felt like jellies, I had no more power left.

I sat down on the edge, next to the pool of water, while others made a fire. We were soaked to the bone and all of us needed some warmth and dry clothes.

Silver took the spot near me with her mate Derek. .....mate.....

Is it really that wolf, who is my long awaited companion? Or I got my senses wrong? My wolf clearly said 'mate', I am not mistaking it. I did not imagine it. Or maybe I did. Maybe I am so desperate to find my mate, that I start to see and feel things wrong.

Have the moon goddess made a mistake and paired me with a wild animal? The thought alone seem so stupid.

Usually we werewolfs recognize each other from our wild relatives.

This was so puzzling and unnerving. Who was it, or I would say, who was he?

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