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   Chapter 4 ~4~

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"This is not right...." Jeff said it more to himself. I could see, that he is giving up to Rogue's pressure.

He had a clear picture of Jeff and I saw it too - he is going to continue with a trip.

This was so bad idea from Rogue's part. I want to go back. It is stupid to risk with my life, just because someone said so.

"Who else is objecting?" he eyed the rest of us, but no one dared to say a thing. "You! Whatever your name was.... are you coming too?" His attention was on me as well as from others in our group.

I did not want to continue, but neither I wanted to look stupid in front of everyone. It was a hard choice. I felt a lump forming in my throat, I felt scared..... not from Rogue or anyone else, but of what is waiting us in that swamp, if I decide to stick along.

"I..... I don't....."

"Really? Are you just going to run away like a coward?" I got interrupted. "Are you a chicken or a wolf?" Rogue taunted me.

It was such an insult. I did not like the way he was viewing me and I did a stupidest thing I could...... I agreed to keep going: "I....I am.... a ..... werewolf!" I said the last word confidently and kept an eye contact with him.

He looked satisfied and started to prepare his place, where to spend a night. Everyone else got back to what they were doing. Jeff disappeared somewhere in the woods, probably to cool down his frustration. Again, I was left alone. Silver was keeping close to Derek and it felt like it was before..... she was here with me, bet it never felt that way. Why did I agreed to her invitation? To find friends? No one really seemed to care. I felt the same feeling overtaking me - loneliness. I could never understand, how it is possible to feel lonely among other people....

Luckily the night seemed to be quite warm for early summer. I will have enough of my sleeping bag to keep myself warm. I saw others, who had a partner or a mate, cuddling together, in order to avoid the night's temperature. I felt little bit jealous. They have someone in their life, someone who loves and cares. How does it feel to be taken care of? For real... How does it feels to be with a mate?

I should feel happy on my own. It is not like someone else will come and make me feel that way. But I can't make myself. Maybe I am too pessimistic to see the good things in my life and be proud of myself just once. I will have to try and find happiness in myself and somewhere deep down I know that no one else can help me, but only me.

I drift in a deep sleep, while pondering about the events of next days. I feel the resin filled tree barks, that are scattered on the ground beneath me and around, emitting it's fragrance and making me relax and feel in peace despite everything.

I notice myself being shaken. My heart seems to be heavy with bitter feelings. painful, that I can hardly take it.....

"Miakoda? Miakoda? Wake up!" someone says quietly besides me.

Slowly I open my eyes, but everything is blurry in front of me. I feel my cheeks wet, like I have been crying. My body convulse couple of times and I realize, that I was.

After my eyes are cleared out

of tears I notice Jeff and Silver near me, their eyes filled with worry. I feel so bad, that few tears continue to fall on the damp forest floor.

"Are you OK? Why are you crying?" Silver petted my head in soothing motion.

I did not know why: "Just a bad dream....", they wouldn't understand me anyway. How? If I don't know myself....

Camp fire was almost out, but it still shed some dim light on us, plus the morning was near, so the surroundings were not kept in total darkness, as a first light started to appear behind the horizon.

Jeff's hand came to my face and he pulled some strands of hair out of my view. He tucked them behind my ear and I kind of felt little uncomfortable of his gesture. His hand stopped and his eyes too. He was not looking in my face, but on my hair still partly in his hand.

"What is this?" Jeff looked confused.

"What?" I was too.

"The whole side of your temple is..... white....."

"What?" Silver nearly shouted so laud, that could wake up others. "Show me!"

I pushed his hand away from me and reached for my bag to find a mirror. I pulled it out and looked hard in it, so I could see, what they are talking about. As my fingers went through the locks and revealed more of white hair on my temple. What is happening to me? How in one night my hair can turn white? Did my dream was so.... bad, that would lead me to near 'heart attack'? This time there was more than few, I could not pull them out.

I tucked some brown from the top to cover the white ones, to avoid extra attention.

"It is nothing.... I am sure it will pass."

"Are you sure? Maybe you are sick?" Silver did not left me be.

"I am.... I would like to go back to sleep, sorry."

"No problem. We were just worried about you..." Jeff commented quietly.

I gave them an apologetic look and they went to their own spots. I tried to drift in sleep too, but couldn't. My thoughts about my hair and a weird 'dream', which I did not have, kept me up the rest of the night. Am I really sick?

We moved in swift pace for couple of days and were nearing our destination. It was nice to see a change in scenery, as we passed different kind of territories and forests. I hid my hair from others and my friends did not bother about them again. The only downside, was that I was very tired. My bag was quite heavy and we did not get much rest on the way. Some of us were so eager to get there faster, like if they wouldn't, something would be missed out. But for me, the nearer we got, more troubled I felt. All the details from Megan's story were circling my mind and sometimes I was totally dazed off in my thoughts, blocking everything out, that was around me. Maybe I analyzed it too much. I might be paranoid, but again, she said that she would die, if the secret is let out about it's existence. It must be very serious, dangerous, whatever is in that swamp.

"One more day until we reach our destination. Lets take a rest here and we will move on in the morning, with a fresh start." Rogue informed us.

Tomorrow...... a day we will see our future.....

Will it be a death awaiting us or something else entirely?

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