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   Chapter 3 ~3~

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I have packed my bag full with things needed for a trip. Some spare clothes, little bit of food – I am sure we will be able to get more on the way. In case, I have grabbed a pocketknife and a lighter, for extreme situations. Also I have stuffed my sleeping bag in the little space I had left. The night temperature is still quite chilling. I am sure, that others can avoid it by shifting in to their wolf form and getting a warmth from their thick coats, but for me, I have to camp in the old way, like normal humans.

Silver is waiting for me on the edge of the town, north side. I feel little excited about this event, I know it will be fun. With Silver it is never boring, she can lighten mood of everybody around her.

I can see her from afar next to some older buildings near the forest.Some other werewolfs have gathered already. I can spot around ten of them already and I feel like I am being late, but taking a look in my watch I see, that I am not.

"Hey Silver!" I wave at her.

"Miakoda! I am surprised you came at all! You will not regret by joining us." Silver was hanging on to Derek, as she spoke to me.

I looked at others who came and recognized only few faces, all others were new to me. Minutes later five more appeared, between them was Alpha's relative Rogue – a weird name I think. I have spotted him in a city before, but have never been so close to him. Like everybody from a family of our leader, he is gifted with strong confidence and leadership and I am sure he will lead us in this trip. I cannot see anybody else capable of doing this, from a looks of it.

His black hair are neatly styled, his jaw – shaved clean and smooth, his clothes black as well. Rogue does not look like he is going on a hiking trip, but rather to one of his home parties. He eyes all of us, who have come, taking his time to inspect each individual. His green eyes land on me and I feel his stare is burning holes in my skull. Being the lowest ranking in this group, I cannot take a pressure anymore and avert my gaze on the gravel beneath my feet. I have never been in a presence of so high ranking wolf before. He is not an alpha. But.... I don't want to know, how being near Kodiak feels, from now on. I would not be able to take a pressure and would run with my tail between my legs just by a glance given me.

I can see, he is not fully OK with me being here, his stares my way tells so.

"Alright.... everybody here?" Rougue shouted over us. "Then lets head out."

I still didn't have any idea where we are going. For past few weeks Silver kept it away from me as a big secret.

"Silver?" I whispered and run up to her with tiny steps. "Where are we going?"

"How the hell I know?" she looked at me quetionably. "I don't know myself."

"But I thought you....."

Silver's face showed, that she said truth.

"Only Rogue knows. He suppose to tell us later."


I did not want to go and bother Rogue with my questions, but I felt like we all are following him like blind sheep. No one knows where our hiking trip will lead, only he does.


We have been walking for half a day and my legs are starting to go numb. I don't feel strength in them. In a wolf form we would cover the distance much faster. Wouldn't it be easier to shift and leave me behind? I am sure they would be fine without my company. Only ones that cared about me in this group were Silver and Derek.

"Hey! Lets stop and have a break. I am sure some of us are tired." Rogue's eyes landed on me again.

I am sure this guy hates me, by the looks he gives me. I did not feel comfortable even being here with this group. I started to think maybe to go back home.

We set up a small camp and rested for a while. Some of us turned and made a run through the pine forest surrounding us. It smelled nice, so fresh. Rain have fallen recently, leaving the trees filled with droplets of water. Rogue was not here, so it made my rest more relaxing.

One of guys came up to me and handed freshly cooked scewered rabbit meat. I guess they have hunted them d

own themselves, while enjoying their freedom.

He had blond, loosely curled hair, his eyes blue and a smile to die for. As I was sitting on the ground, his tall form loomed over me, but not in threatening way.

"Do you mind if I sit beside you?" he spoke.

I shook my head and gestured him that it is OK with me.

"What's your name? I haven't seen you around...... I am Jeff....Jeffrey for short." and he flashed his kind smile.

"Miakoda." I replied shyly.

"Ohhh.... a special name have been given to you."


"Don't you know what it means?


"In old language it means 'power of the moon'. Our Alpha has the same kind of name taken from our old language.... K.O.D.I.A.K." Jeff made a accent on each letter he spelled.

"Uhmm. Sorry! I am not familiar with the old language." I felt completely stupid in front of him.

"I know you are not. Only high ranking werewolfs have a priviledge of knowing it."

"So... you are....."

"I am comander Alexander's son."

"That's pretty high ranking...."

"It is, but I really don't care about the ranks in our pack. It is... annoying... that everything in your life is dictated by your rank."

"Does it?"

"Ahhh... You probably don't experience it so much, as you are an omega. We, who are on the top, have so many rules and customs to follow.... Sometimes I wish to be unnoticed, plain omega. Easy life."

"It is not easy....."

"Hey! Jeff! Be careful. Her mate might tear your head off, if you are thinking to spend whole night with her!" Rogue shouted at my companion, while returning to a camp site. Somehow I got a feeling he have discovered about my unlucky search for a mate and now is trying to mock me in front of everyone.

"Shut up, Rogue!" Jeff barked back. "Mate? Do you have one?"

"N..No... I don't. I haven't found him yet....."

"I am sure he is somewhere out there, just waiting for you."

"I am not so sure.... if he would...."

"Now, everybody, listen up!" Rogue 'barked' standing in a middle of our camp site. I could not finish the sentence, as Jeff's eyes and others were straight focused on him. "I have some things to tell you all - it is about our destination. It will be a long, long way and we will have to be tough enough to last."

There was a long pause and silence filled the air, no one talked. We all were waiting for a secret to be revealed.

"We are heading north to cypress swamps." Rogue finally said.

No one said a word. I could see some other mates sharing questioning glances, but Jeff's stare was set hard on our leader in front of us.

"Are you totally out of your mind, Rogue?" Jeff finally spoke." That place is off limits. It is an order from Kodiak.

"And do you know why?" Rogue gave back.


"Don't you want to know why?"

"What are you guys talking about? I doubt that a swamp can be so dangerous, that we can't even step in it. We are werewolfs!" some other guy spoke.

"Yeah...yeah!" other voices joined the conversation.

"Shut up you all. It is not a joke! That place is holds more danger, that anything we have seen in this life. No one ...... have ever returned from there." my new friend tried to convince others to change their minds.

"Jeff, it is just a rumor, a tale older wolfs tell us in order to keep us in boundaries of our territory. Nothing of it is real, believe me. We will go there and show everybody else in our pack, that nothing lives there. Might be some wild animals, maybe wild wolfs, but I hardly doubt anything bigger and scarier than that." Rogue spoke confidently and I saw others taking his side.

Jeff was visibly having a battle in his mind, to go or not.

I started to doubt the decisions Rogue have made. Remembering what Megan told me about this silly tale, made my skin crawl. She said, that things happening in that swamp were real. And I am sure that Alpha keeps it in secret for a good reason.

I don't know what to do now. Do I go or turn back home? Or is it really just an old useless tale, that holds nothing, just imaginary monsters?

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