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   Chapter 2 ~2~

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I walked through the woods in a middle of the night. I could not sleep. A strange feeling was overwhelming me - loneliness. I have never felt this way before, so isolated, so forgotten. My life was not so bad to feel these painful emotions. It seemed someone's else's, but how would that be possible to feel a pain of others? The feeling troubled me a lot, so I have decided to take a walk, but venturing out in an opening did not ease this sensation. The full moon was shining bright in the sky. I could hear some other pack mates howling in a distance. I knew, that a longing does not come from them.

I felt like going insane. I did not understand myself a bit.

Otherwise, night was quiet, no wind made it's way through tree branches, the air was still. At times like these, I get my weird senses heightened. And I have never been able find a reason for them.

Megan's tale intrigued me. The story was the same, but the fine details were different from what I heard, when I was a young pup. I knew, that what she said of every tale containing a bit of truth was correct. I just want to know, what it is in this case. The way she told it was very spooky and mysterious, it honestly scared me little bit, but I wonder which part of it is true and which is just a bluff.

My thoughts have eased a painful feeling of loneliness and I decided to head back home. Only sound that accompanied me was the shuffling of old autumn leaves, remnants of last year. Spring grass was slowly making it's way through them in hopes to reach rays of sun faster. Sometimes the air was still winter chilling, but not tonight. I could finally feel the warmth, that spring have brought. Soon the land will take a color of green and life will be thriving till the next autumn.

My log house sits between the trees, tonight illuminated by moonlight, making it more visible, than in hours of total darkness. It contains only one room, a small kitchen and bathroom. A small size of it, makes it's warmth stay inside for a long time.

I need to sleep, as tomorrow is a new working day for me and a day I will have a good session of questioning Megan. Silver is gone for couple of days, so I won't have to hear her silly comments for me believing the tales of old people.


I wake up with a bitter feeling in my heart. Might be an effect of a full moon last night and my emotional turmoil I experienced. I have to brush it off and get ready to take care of pups.

I can't help but feel little bit nervous of what I will hear from Megan. Maybe nothing much, but uneasiness eats me from inside out. I have to calm myself for once.

Megan is already at work, making breakfast for little ones, when they arrive. They get double, as pups have probably gotten their first share at home. Everybody says, it is for them to get stronger.

As I start to help her with cooking, she notices my relentlessness. Megan eyes me and I struggle to hold in my interest for later conversation.

"What's on your mind, Miakoda? I see that you can't hold your tongue in. Spit it out, whatever it is." comes Megan's soothing voice.

"Umm.. I don't want to sound silly, but..... a story you told days ago.... What it is about? I want to know the truth, there must be...."

"If I tell you the whole truth, then you will see my head rolling the next day." her eyes were seriously locked on my piercing blue ones.

"It can't be that serious."

Megan hold her li

ps tight as her face expression did not change.

"But... Please tell me. I really want to know. I even can't sleep at night thinking about, what you said. I won't tell anyone. I promise." I pleaded.

"Alright. But.... I won't tell all of it. I am not allowed."

"It's fine. Just little bit is enough." my eyes gleamed with excitement.

"I won't tell you who is a king and why he is the way he is. The truth is.... a forest does exist and it is filled with death. Anyone who enters it, never comes back. It is forbidden for us to venture to that part of our pack territory by our Alpha."

"That's some scary stuff. Have someone been punished for entering that forest?"

"No one, because no one ever returns."

I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat, realizing that kind of place exist. And why is that our Alpha keeps it a secret from us?

"Where is it?"

"Far north. The swamps of cypress ...."

"It... I think it is not our land anymore, am I right?"

"It is. But it belongs to....." Megan suddenly shut herself off.

"Whom?" I dropped everything from my hands.

"It belongs to that 'king' who lives there...."

"Who is he?"

"Stop Miakoda. I have told you more than enough. If this gets out, I will have a hell to pay. Never mention this to anyone, understand?" Her strict hidden persona came out and I knew better to obey. After all, she was higher ranking than me.

"I am sorry, Megan. I did not mean to push you for this matter."

I decided to keep myself quiet and not bother her anymore. This 'story' seemed to be a serious matter. I should forget about it, erase it from my memory. I don't want to get in trouble and face our pack leader.

"Forget it. Better get back to work."

I did as she said and continued with preparing breakfast.


Silver have come back earlier, than she planned. I met her on a street and she seemed to be happier than ever and happy to even see me. It surprised me, but I made myself to not pay so much attention to such a small matter.

"Hey, Miakoda. I have news for you! Do you want to hear them?"

"Uhmm... sure. What is it?"

"I have decided that you need to spend some time with other wolfs, you seem to be very lonely. I think that is, what you need. So, in that matter, I want you to join us – me and my friends, for a hiking trip."

"That's sounds great, but I think I will just slow you all down on the way. You know I can't shift, right?"

"There is no need for that. We all will do the trip in our human form. It will be a chalenge for all of us." Silver smiled.

"And where do we go?"

"It is a secret. We will tell you after you will agree to come. Deal?"

"Uhmm... I don't know about that..."

"Come on. It will be fun! Trust me. You need it."

"Ok. And when we go?"

"In two weeks. It will be a long trip, so we need to get ready. You too."

"If you say so. ...."

"See you later, Miakoda!" Silver waved me goodby.

I could not believe, that from all people she chose me to accompany her on a trip. And there will be more, more young wolfs from our pack, but how many and who? I know that Derek, her mate will come and some of her other friends.

I could feel my mood getting brighter receiving this kind of news. It is been long time I engaged in fun activities with others. Finally I might find some friends.

Just one thought troubles my mind – where are we going? Why Silver is keeping it a secret?

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