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"I think we shall go."

Edmund took the half empty basket and waited for me to leave first. The chill morning air hit my face. I was glad to have proper clothing. After Edmund locked the door with a big ornamented key, we walked up to a neighbor's door. He knocked quietly. An older lady opened it. She looked very sweet and gentle person with slightly grey hair and light blue eyes. She was not a noble, but a regular citizen.

"Thank you, Loraine." Edmund gave her a key and squeezed her hands tightly.

She smiled, but said nothing. My Master handed a basket with remaining bread. Old lady eyed me for a moment, her gentle smile never leaving her warm face.

"I wish to see you soon again Lord Wiltshire." Woman's voice was quite, like whisper of wind in this early morning.

Edmund gave her last goodbyes and we left. Storm was not far. We both got up and rode through the calm streets of Shire. I felt the eyes of some people on me, who have woken up earlier than rest of the city. Edmund didn't look like a mad person anymore, but an aura of noble man surrounded his appearance. He took a great care to make himself presentable today. This sight was not a daily occurrence in Shire - a noble man and a lady both on a single horse.

Edmund's one hand was tightly around my waist, while his other steered Storm. I felt somewhat safe in his hold. I wished this side of him never goes away.

On the empty fields far away from city, Edmund got off and continued his way on foot. I knew it must be hard for Storm to carry two people at once for so long.

Edmund didn't say anything, just looked far in to a distance. Light wind managed to get hold of his neatly styled strands of hair. A scene looked so surreal and magical. I wanted to see his face. Was it relaxed, like the rest of his body?

He turned his head and looked up at me questionably. It seemed almost like he heard my thoughts. I was glad to see him calm. Edmund smiled lightly.

"Are you alright?"

"Uhm... Ahem...."

"I don't like that answer." He said sharply with creased eyebrows.

"Y..yes. I am fine." I was taken aback. The last thing I wanted from him, was the same old anger.

"That's better, Thea." Edmund smiled again, his face turning soft.

The whole way home was silent. The even stomping of Storm's hooves and Edmund's steps through the muddy road accompanied my senses. I saw the gate of Wiltshire's property in a distance. A person - a lady in a light colored dress stood by and watched the scenery in front of it. My heart stopped for a moment, when I remembered, that Maria might still be here. It will mean a whole new trouble again.

I noticed a white figure running towards us. I waited in anticipation to see the face of this person. As closer this woman got, I began to hear cries. Only when she got few meters closer

woman, whose heart holds their true love. First, I didn't understand, why she gave it to me. I thought my father should own them, but then I realized, that my mother is not a woman he truly loves. Do you know, why I gave them to you? Because you are the one, who fills my heart with joy and happiness and most importantly with love. I love you Thea and I want you to keep these earring with you, then later in life they could be passed down to your sons to continue my family's tradition. I want you to be the woman I spend the rest of my life together with."

As I looked at the golden jewelry, the picture of them got foggier and foggier. My tears fell down straight in his palm, right on the earrings.

"Why are you crying, Thea?

"I... It all seems so unreal, like an imagination. I am afraid to wake up to a real reality. This life sounds too good."

"Because it will be a better life for you. I will make sure of it. This time I will do, what I must have long time ago."

Edmund lifted my chin up and looked deep in my eyes. His light purple-whitish gaze felt unreal and supernatural, like the whole moment we were in.

"I love you so much, Thea!" Edmund kissed me and pulled my body closer. My heart was beating hard, the same like his own.

Edmund slept in my lap, his eyes set on slowly appearing clouds above. His eyes glimmered in sunlight, looking almost like the rosy pearls of his given earrings. I combed his hair in slow motion, feeling the silky texture of them. It sort of calmed me.

"What are you going to do now, Edmund?"

"What do you mean?"

"You are still a king and there are certain obligations you must fulfill..."

"I.... I don't know.... I never wanted to be a king and I don't know, if I want to continue to walk this path."

"Is that so? What do you want then?"

"I want to be free."

~to be continued~

Sequel "Born to rule"

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