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I opened my eyes. The fire burned strongly. I was alone and wanted to see Edmund, but he was nowhere near me. Was the last night just my imagination?

I looked under the blanket, my body was still bare. I could go and check out the rest of the house, but my dress has been burned. Trapped inside this room I could do nothing, but wait.

Wrapping the thin blanket around me, I decided to stretch my legs. Luckily the room was warm enough to be able to stay naked. It was early morning. The sun didn't shine so brightly as in midday. I walked up to the small framed window and looked outside. Everything seemed grey and lifeless, just few people walked the streets. I haven't been too much outside of Edmund's mansion and never in his own place in other towns. This was something new to me. I know, he has many more properties. This one seemed the most smallest one and certainly the most insignificant.

The door behind creaked open, I pulled the blanket tighter around me, when I saw Edmund standing in a door frame, his jacket, shirt and pants neatly styled to perfection, his hair combed up in his usual manner. He looked like a true noble man.

Edmund stood in place and watched me, making me feel extremely conscious. I noticed his eyes go down and then I saw my naked legs. Blanket didn't cover my body as much as I wanted. Without realizing, I froze in his presence.

A corner of Edmund's lip came up.

"Thea... I... braught something to cover you up."

He put a bag on the edge of the bed, never leaving his eyes from me, pulled out a dark blue fabric, laid it on the bed and I could see, it was a dress.

"It is for you. Put it on."

I glanced up at him. Edmund did the same and then he quietly left me.

A dress was beautiful, like every other he has given me, but always it was in the same color –

saw, that he looked at me intently, it almost seemed like a look of a promise.

I bit quickly in to a bread to get my nervous thoughts somewhere else, not on Edmund, who constantly made me feel kind of awkward. I heard his small laugh again.

The long moment of silence kept us busy with our inner thoughts. Edmund still hold his feelings inside of him, but I was so happy for that little progress we have made towards each other. I could feel now, that I truly meant something to him.

I always wondered, what he was talking about with Maria or other high status people. Maybe I seem too boring, as the long silent moments between us are so frequent.

I watched him thinking of what to talk about, but my mind stayed blank.

"Are you bored with me?"

Edmund looked at me strangely, like I have said the silliest thing ever.

"No. Not at all. You don't need to talk to make me entertained. I like the silence much better and your presence is enough to satisfy me. You are interesting in your own way...."

Oh my god! I felt like Edmund wanted to kill me with these constant compliments and nice attitude. By every nice word he said, my heart was picking up it's speed.

I felt like it would stop.

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