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I felt so conscious sleeping next to him with nothing protecting my body. Luckily the blushing of my cheeks could not be seen in low light. The masculine scent of mint Edmund wears calmed me down, and the fact that he has kept his word of not going any further on his personal advances on me. It always made me little bit scared and uncomfortable by the way he chose to approach me - assertive and dominating he seemed. Also I didn't want to be shamed for being in intimate relationship outside of marriage. In this society it is the biggest concern of showing everybody that you are a respectable woman.

Edmund's hand gently brushed over my head in a calming motion, sometimes his fingers went through them. I could only hear a sound of slowly burning wood in fireplace. I had not experienced anything more relaxing in a long time. No one was here to disturb this peace, just the two of us.

My body have slowly warmed up, I could not feel a trace of the cold, that cling to me before. Edmund on other hand had to spend more time.

"Edmund? How did you manage to take me away from "Meadow's charm"?"

"I... You know, I am a king. I just took, what's mine..."

"I don't believe you. They did not seem like people, who would give away their property so easily."

"I... I bought you out from there..." He didn't seem happy to admit it.

My memories went back to that place. What could've happened, if Edmund never came, if he didn't pay for me? I would have to spend my life there.

"I was so afraid, they are going to make me do it...." I sobbed in my Master's embrace. "Thank you, thank you so much. I can never

ended. You have never been a slave in my eyes. You were a friend I always needed. I wanted to make you happy. It was my only goal. I couldn't watch you being sad and miserable at the marketplace... I bought you, to free your life of true misery that would await you. From the day one, I have cherished your presence, loved you as my friend and support. I love you. Thea.... I love you as a man. You are the only woman I have ever cared about."

I could not help, but tear up, hearing his words, his thoughts, which were hidden in his heart for so long. His hand smoothly touched my cheek covered in tears, as he looked at me deeply with a face of relief.

He placed his soft lips on mine and kissed me gently. There was so much emotion in to it. The kiss also felt so different from the one he gave me before. My heart filled with warm feeling and butterflies in my stomach danced erratically.

"Thea... please don't cry... ." He gave me a soft peck on my cheek and hugged me, taking me deeper in to his embrace.

My heart could not stop beating and could hardly calm down.

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