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This man sounded just like Edmund. The pain in my heart grew bigger.

"Thea!" My name sounded more like a question.

He put his cold hand on my shoulder and I jumped away in fright. I was facing him now. It really looked like Edmund. How could it be? How did he find me? My master seemed like an illusion in my eyes. Too real to be true. His hair was wet and messed up, in the same condition was his outfit. He looked tired and he was crying. Just a barely visible trace of tears streamed down his cheek.

"Did someone...." Edmund's voice broke in mid-sentence.

I still couldn't believe it was Edmund.

"No..." I bursted out in more tears.

With a heavy breath, he let relief take over him. Edmund came forward so quick that it scared me. His earrings fell out of my hands and laid between us. I couldn't help, but feel little bit frightened of him. This was the first time I had met him after he branded me. I didn't know, what will come out of him at any moment. He has been so unpredictable lately.

I saw him startled, seeing me flee from his form. He looked down on jewelry and slowly picked both pieces up, gazed at them for some time in silence and then looked back at me. His eyes showed pain. I have never seen him so fragile and broken.

"I was thinking... what you said some time ago... I know it matters you a lot. All I wanted was to make you happy, but I couldn't. All because of my selfishness. I want..." He couldn't voice his words. "I will set you free. You will be a free woman, who will have a chance to find ....a man... make a family and be happy... ." His eyes went back to earrings.

I didn't know what to say. All of it came so sudden. I had mixed feelings. I wanted to be happy, but at this moment I didn't feel that way and look of Edmund made the choice even harder. If the circumstances were different, I wouldn't hesitate, but now... I saw, that it wasn't what Edmund wanted.

"Do you want me to leave?

My Master said nothing for quite some time, just looked at his precious items, he looked very sad.

", I don't want you to leave... ." Edmund finally looked at me.

"Then I won't leave you."

By the time, I had calmed down. I couldn't take the sight of his defeated expression and hugged him strongly. I cried. I missed him so much and didn't want to leave him. Edmund's arms came around my body and embraced me tightly. I felt his heart beating and his uneven breathing over my shoulder.

"I am so sorry, Thea! I am sorry." Edmund tried to hold back his tears.

I could sense, that a huge boulder of relief fell off from our shoulders. He had fou

u to take off this dirty dress of a whore." The last words came through his teeth and his touch felt rough all of a sudden, which started to scare me.

Few tears left my eyes. I didn't want this wonderful night of reuniting with my Master to end in such way. He have managed to get off the corset and proceeded to pull the dress off my shoulders. It felt just like on the first day I entered his house. Frightened of what he might do, but now he is no longer a small boy, but grown up man. He might have different intentions.

As soon as the lavish fabric was off, Edmund threw it in to the fire. I looked at it in sorrow. I no longer had clothes to wear. Completely naked I stood in front of the fire, trying to cover up my body as much as possible with my hands.

I could feel his eyes roam over my form, but could not make myself to look at him.

Soft blanket covered my shoulders not long after, his hands snaked around me and he said quietly.

"Calm down... I am not going to do anything, just... come to ... sleep."

Edmund moved me slowly in a direction of his bed, while I cocooned myself in a blanket. It was not much warmer as the rest of the room. It sent new shivers, when I laid my body down.

I felt a dip next to me and then Edmund's hands too. I was too afraid to look back at him.

"Turn around...., Thea... ."

I didn't and then he rolled me over himself, pulled me closer. My crossed arms touched his bare chest. I felt his warm body, slowly beating heart and Edmund' s scent. He hold me tight, very tight.

"Don't be scared. And if you will ask me one more time to stop and let you go, I won't do it. I will never let you go."

My Master's warm lips, kissed my forehead, as he whispered. "...never..."

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