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In the far end of the hallway, I could see petite girls in colorful dresses, which accented their figure. Their hair was styled in a flirtatious manner with curls in different sizes. All of them looked like fragile dolls, with happy faces and smiles to match. I could not imagine, how someone would feel this way, while giving their bodies to complete strangers.

Makeup decorated gazes darted in my way from a few of them. These woman acted like young girls excited about a newcomer.

A bulky guy was close behind me, as I was following Mrs. Green to, who knows where. Through the small size corridors we came to a room, which appeared to be holding a bath. It was spacious, but not as big, as in Edmund's home. The bathtub was not made of gold either. Even though the room was in warm reds and golden tones, it made me feel cold and lonely or maybe it was the effect of my rain soaked dress.

"You will need to be cleaned and given different clothes." Mrs Green said coldy. "Girls will help you."

She left me, but a strongly built guy stayed in the room with me. His arms were crossed over his chest and his gaze was intently set on me, like I would disappear, if he takes his eyes away. I wished to vanish from existence.

"Don't think about getting away. If you try, Mrs. Green will chain you to the bed post, like a dog."

I didn't want to face this man on my way of escape, if I ever do. He is strong and seems fearless. I waited awkwardly for something to happen. Later couple of girls came in. Their forms were slim and like the rest of the female workers I saw, both of them seemed to be in good mood.

"Ohh! A new face. How long has it been since we have seen one?"

"I don't remember, Scarlet."

I received two white smiles.

"Vince, leave us. No men allowed until we make her ready." A girl with brown hair and big, green eyes pushed the tough guy outside. He rumbled few times, protesting, but eventually gave up. I was glad, that he wouldn't stand in this room, the whole time I take a bath.

"What's your name, sweetheart?"

I watched them in suspicion.

"Don't be scared. This place and Mrs Green will take care of you from now on."

I didn't like the sound of her reassurance.


"Pretty name! I am sure it alone will catch someone's attention." A girl whose name appeared to be Scarlet said.

"Please, I don't want to be here. I need to get away..."

"Calm down, The

motionally and even physically, but I will always think of him as a person, who showed me a brighter side of life in contrast, that I had ever known before.

"Thea! Thea! Sweetheart!" Scarlet got me out of my daydream. "I am not allowed to be here, but I just wanted to tell you.....warn you. Uhmm... Seems like a customer is asking for you. Finally..., but..... Uhmm. He seems quite temperamental and kind of out of control. Just make him happy, OK?"

"What...?" I couldn't finish, when she slipped out through the door, before giving me a sign to keep silent about her visit.

My heart was getting back it's life. I felt nervous, afraid. This was it. He will come and take me. If he will be satisfied, then more visits or more different man.... I felt my tears welling up. I didn't want this to happen, never.

Mrs. Green popped her head in my room.

"Thea, someone wants to see you." She sounded displeased.

I got my attention back to a window. Edmund's earrings still laid in my hands. I was afraid. I prayed that tonight would be over fast and that I would remember nothing the next morning.

I heard a door open again behind me. Strong and slow footsteps neared me. A quiet, but heavy breathing came from a man in my room. I didn't want to look and see his face. The tears I had been holding escaped my eyes.

A cold hand touched my back and then a mark on my neck. I stiffened from the touch of this stranger. I prayed in my head....

"Edmund...." I said so quiet, that it was almost impossible to understand...

A single drop of 'water' fell on my shoulder.

"Did anybody touch you?"

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