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Thea's POV

The rain had stopped, but my wet clothes didn't let go of the cold I was feeling. I shivered. Slavers have brought me to Shire - a place I dreaded to return to. After so many years, this city still evokes fear and helplessness. A market place is crowded with people from different classes. Some of them are doing their daily shopping, but others are here for different reasons. Slave trade here is still active, like in other lands. Seems like people are not ready to give up on leaving it in the past, demand for slaves are still high.

Both men take me out from my cage and guide me to a plot with other girls. I see their miserable state and feel so sorry, as their lives are being taken away from them. If I wouldn't be bought by Edmund all those years ago, I would look and be in the same situation or wouldn't exist at all.

At this moment I could run, but a hold on my arm is too tight and regular people wouldn't help me either to get through the crowd. I feel like there is nothing else I can do at this moment, but give up and let them take me.

A merchant eyes me up and down, with no particular face expression, as if this is his everyday routine, seeing girls come and go.

"What is this? Why you bring me a noble lady?" He looked unsatisfied.

"Uhmm. She is not a noble... A slave, my sir."

"Hmm. Too good looking for a slave." He stayed silent for a moment. I felt very anxious to hear his decision. "I can't sell her here for few coins. Take her to Mrs. Green. She will have better use for her and also in that way we will get more money."


ery time her bony fingers stabbed me. "She is branded."

There was a moment of silence, she pulled an upper part of my dress little bit lower to expose my back too. Everybody were watching me. I felt so vulnerable and weak.

"Scars!" Green spat. "Gentlemen! Do you think this is some kind of peasant farm? I can't show this crippled women to my clients. I don't serve damaged goods!"

"But ma'am, she is pretty and very well-mannered. Don't be so cruel and leave her for someone, who will damage her more. I am sure there are some, who would not mind...."

Mrs. Green stood in place, watching me intently and tapping her foot against the brick path.

"Fine. But if she will not gain any customers, I will send her back to the marketplace."

I didn't know, should I be happy or afraid of my future. Was it better to stay here or being sold to a commoner for few coins? My heart didn't want to stop ramming in my chest. I wished Edmund would be here to save me, to keep these people away from me.

Slowly I was starting to loose hope on my life.

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