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Edmund's POV

All I could see was a white wall of rain. It poured down like there was no tomorrow – in my face, on my body and on Storm, soaking us to the bone. He could barely hold on to the muddy road, while keeping up his speed.

I didn't know where they had taken Thea. She could be in any town. I spun with my horse for couple of minutes, trying to decide which way to go. A possibility to miss her, while being in other place, troubled me.

I remember Fiona mentioned their looks. Brown, dirty coats with accents of dark red... .


Not someone I recognize from nearby towns. It pained me to think, that she could be taken much further away. Maybe Thea is taken to the city of Shire, where I first saw and took her with me? The largest market is located in it, the only one in my state.

Without wasting any second, I bolt in a direction, where my heart tells to go.

As the city comes closer, my mind takes me back to the time, when I was just a child, walking the streets of Shire. I was deeply annoyed by my mother that day. It was one of those times, I had to attend her social gatherings with her girlfriends. I felt like a dog at the show, rare and special, not for who I was, but for who I will be in the future. She constantly bragged about my oddly colored eyes. She saw nothing else in me. I left her that day. In my heart, I felt worthless, small, insignificant to people, who should love me. I wanted to curl up and turn into nothing and then I noticed her. That small, malnourished gir

and my form towered over him.

"Oh, man. You are hungry, aren't you. Calm down..." He smiled nervously.

"Where can I find more?"

I took him by the collar. I needed answers, now. I didn't have time to chat and look at the random girls.

"Hey, man! Just calm down. I can tell you, just let.... let me go."


"We have more in "Meadow's charm". Plenty, and the most prettiest. I promise, you will like there."

Storm came few steps closer and puffed a large cloud of steamed breath in to his face. He was eager to move on. My horse never liked big crowds.

"What the hell she is doing there!"

"Who? I don't know what you are talking about! You know, I don't want trouble. Just go and see for yourself." This man was getting intimidated.

I didn't want to think that Maria and these people would have taken Thea to this kind of place.

If she is there, and something happens or anybody touches her, they will have a hell to pay!

"Meadow's charm" - a worse place to be for my girl.

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