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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 6016

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Edmund's POV

I came from long days spent in oak woods. I couldn't go home and sleep in the same walls, where Thea healed from my inflicted wounds and feel the hate she would give me. I was too much of a coward to face the consequences of my stupid mistakes. Fear of seeing her, was too great to handle. Only now I was ready to see her, if she will ever let me.

I hope Thea's wounds are healing well. My best doctor attends her and I paid a fortune for him to aid only her in these passing days.

As I enter my house, some of my servants give me strange looks, but I couldn't care less. I have given up on everything.

In the house I see Fiona, her face holds sad expression. I can see her barely holding tears. I know, she hates me too, for what I did to Thea.

"My... Lord!" She rushes up to me.

I walk further in hopes to find Thea. I didn't see her in the room, she has spent her nights before or anywhere else. It felt like she is gone completely. Not a single room hold a trace of her. It saddens me.

"My Lord, please, stop. Please listen to me!" Fiona was following me persistently. Like a ghost I drifted through the empty rooms.

I have reached my own room, where most of my memories associated with her. I see Maria laying lazily on my bed. Just a sight of her annoys me deeply.

"Finally, Edmund you have decided to come home. I have missed you deeply, I was worried."

"Where's Thea?" I feel like my voice have lost it's soul.

"Why is it only her you think about?" Maria was annoyed. "She probably run away. I would too, if someone like you hurt me."

"She wouldn't..." My voice broke between the words. I knew, that might be a possibility, but deep down I still hoped, that she wouldn't leave me alone. I need her.

"Edmund! You branded her like some animal! Wha

a king, I would have a right to decide things on my own...."

"Calm down Edmund, calm down.... . You can still be a king. Nothing is lost."

I took a time to get my breath and sanity back.

"Maria, because you have done the most cruelest thing to taking away the only person I have ever cared about.... Our wedding is canceled, there will be no 'king' EVER and..... by the time I return, I want you to be gone, from this house, from my life..."

", Edmund. Just listen! I can....."

"There is nothing you can do. Stop. If you don't leave, I will tell my guards to kick you out."

"Edmund! You can't do this to me! What will everybody think? I will be shamed for rest of my life! Rejected by the king!"

"See? There is your problem. All you see in me is only my tittle...."

I left Maria in the room by herself. She didn't sound happy, but I didn't care. All that occupied my mind, was how to find and get Thea back. Fiona was not far away.

"Fiona, tell James to prepare Storm for me."

"Storm is already tucked up outside. Please, please, my lord. Bring her back safe. Please!" She cried in my chest, her small hands balled up in fists and pulling on my shirt.

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