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Thea's POV

My fingers traced the mark on back of my neck. It healed much faster than I expected, probably because of the medicine I have received. The doctor has been attending me everyday to make sure I am well, but no sign of Edmund. He is gone, but where? I haven't heard, that he would spend time in the house nor garden, nor that he have left this property.

The burn he inflicted hurt badly for days, but it cannot be compared to what I feel, when I see his broken spirit, in how much pain he is himself, because of pressure and problems in his own life. No one seems to care, no one wants to help him, find a way to heal his troubled mind. But I care and I will find the reasons and a way to help him, because no one else seems to be willing to do so. If nothing is done, my Master will succumb to his toxic emotions and loose this battle with himself. I will bring the old Edmund back, even if it is the last thing I do in my life.

While I sit in my bed deep in thought, a person enters my room. It is Maria. Her cream colored dress looks like a flower in muddy colored servant's room, her blond hair and light skin shines like that of an angel, but her own presence radiates the energy of someone quite opposite.

"How does it feel to get that kind of treatment from your beloved?" Maria said in kind voice.

I have grown to dislike Maria very much. She is a person, who should take care of my Master and make him happy, but she does nothing to make the situation better. She only adds more fuel to his anger and makes everything worse. Something bothers me too, why has she come here to look for me?

"Better than I thought...." I saw her blue eyes widen.

Maria most likely expect

king you."

"No! You are not taking me anywhere!" I struggled in their grip.

Maria totally ignored my words. "You always wanted a man in your life.... I promise, you will get many to choose from."

She gave both of my captors a stash full of coins and waved a happy goodbye.

"Take a good care of her."

Without another glance, she went away. Sky was getting dark with thunder clouds. Few heavy raindrops fell down on my face, like bitter tears, that have escaped my heart. The huge house of Wiltshire's stayed back in my vision, as further away these two slavers dragged me. Upon exiting the main gate, I was shoved inside the cage, built on simple carriage. I had no roof, no walls, just sight of metal bars, was all I could see. The house, I have spent most of my years, faded into a distance, getting smaller and smaller, like my chance to help Edmund. I could see, that I will never be able to help him. I just hoped, he will be happy.....

Cold drops of rain poured inside the cage, soaking my dress and hair, making me shiver in cool air.


I couldn't not help, but cry of thought loosing him....

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