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Born to be a slave. By SBany Characters: 4756

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Edmund's POV

"FIONA! FIONA! Get over here, fast! FIONA!"

I shouted in hopes to get somebody to aid Thea. She was laying in that room on the floor, shaking in fright and pain, of what I have done to her. Why I did hurt her in the first place?

I was siting in that room, because I wanted some space and some time away from Maria. She have been nagging me to attend all her social events and meet her friends, and spend so much time with her, that I hardly have got time for myself. I wanted to escape and I knew no one will look for me in that living room. The day of marriage is occupying my mind and just a thought of it makes me greatly upset. I tried to calm down. When Thea came in and asked me to free her, I lost my mind. My heart broke at that exact moment. The only person in my life I cared about, wanted to leave me. I will not be able to live, knowing she is not here, safe..... at least from others. I could not say the same about me.

I think I have made a mistake by ever buying and taking her with me. I never knew things will go this far, as it is now. I didn't know I would fall in love with her. When I came back home, I saw her changed. Thea was no longer that small girl I left behind, but has grown into a beautiful woman. Everything I felt before, combined with new view on her, set my heart and her life for disaster.

Where was my brain, when I thought, that would be possible to be with he

ngs, like Thea does. I hate every single person in my life. I hate to hate. I just can't find a way to get rid of this torturing emotion.

I have made my way to the favorite spot in my garden - swings. The lack of other people here calms my nerves and I hope it will do the same at this moment. Only this time there is no Thea around, who would make this experience much more enjoyable. It is my own fault. I hurt her, burned her and made her into a slave. I marked and made her into a being, that can be considered even lower, as her original status. I can't forgive myself, Thea won't forgive me either. I feel like this is the end for our lives.

My heart is twisting and experiencing painful emotions, so strong, that I feel few tears fall. It must be such shameful look at this moment, but I can't help and hold that all inside of me anymore.

I am just so scared to see and face Thea again. Never in my life I have felt a greater fear.

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