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I waited for the right moment to talk with Edmund, but it never seemed to be perfect. Whenever I saw him, he looked angry, frustrated and very unhappy. I don't see what is going on in his life. With his given warning, I have tried to stay away from him, but this thought have been bothering me for some time. I just wanted it to be answered and it didn't matter, what the outcome will be, if only I will know his true thoughts and my position. I know, he will not say honestly the true reason for my existence, but there is a chance I will get a glimpse of it.

I felt extremely nervous and my heart was ready to break out of my chest. With every step I took, the dreadful feeling kept crawling up to my throat. A servant told me, that he is resting in a smaller living room, where not many people go. I have been there only once. It has a comforting fireplace and few chairs and couches, a table, but everything looks much less extravagant than the main guest living room. I wonder, why has he chosen to spend his time in it?

All members of the house are getting excited, because my Master soon will marry Maria. The date has been set, it will take place in two months from now on. For this reason, I will be just a burden to him, to his emotions and well being.

I stood in front of the door, hesitant and little bit afraid to go inside. I wanted this to end, for both of us. Deep in my heart it hurt nonetheless- a pain impossible to describe. With a soft knock I hoped to get his attention.

"Who is it?" Edmund's voice was quiet and muffled behind the door.

"It is me, Thea." My voice was not much higher.

"Come in..."

The room was aerie quiet, only tiny sounds of wood burning filled the tot

It will never happen." Edmund said in my ear and then released me, but the pain didn't go away.

His footsteps faded away and I heard him shout.

"FIONA! FIONA! Get over here, fast! FIONA!" He was still angry.

I could not move. The cool floor provided some comfort, but not much pain went away. My wound hurt terribly, my body was shaking in fear and shock. I didn't want to believe, that Edmund had done this to me. What triggered him? I was being so careful in a way I approached him, but somehow, I made it worse for myself. I just wanted a better life for him, to see him happy after I would leave him with his new wife and family.

"Thea! Thea! Oh my god! What.... " Fiona came in speechless. "Let me take care of you." She nearly cried, I could hear the hurt in her voice. "Why my lord did this to you? Why you...."

"I... asked him to free me." I sobbed under Fiona's form, as I laid still on my stomach. "He didn't like it."

"Be still. I will see, what I can do."

She had already taken some medical stuff with her and started to treat my burning mark - a sign, which implied, that my freedom will never be a thing.

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