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I have decided to avoid Edmund at all costs. It was not a wise idea to go and see him and bring him tea those days ago. Seems like, just my presence makes him mad and loose control over minute of details. I believe, he never meant the things he said. It felt, as if he wants to scare me, make me so afraid of him and his words, that I would never want to see or face him again. But this is not a reason I am staying away. I see Edmund going through emotions, which are difficult for him to handle. I do not want to trigger them. With my absence, I hope he will grow calmer. It hurts to see him turn into a person, who my Master is not, deep in his heart.

Every member of staff have gone to their beds. The sky is dark outside, few stars dot the black nothingness above. It is little bit cold, but if I hurry, in no time, I will be in my warm bed. It is located in a quiet corner of the servants house with nothing much in it, but it is more than enough for me. I have a bed. Fiona insisted for me to have one, but it couldn't be compared with a bed of my Master – soft, warm and almost as big as my current room.

The wind is swaying few bushes in the yard, making scarry shadows, which seem to crawl along the walls. One suppose to feel safe in this large property, but I don't.

I run up to my door and shut it. It is such a relief to feel the warmth of home. Summer is going to an end and nights are getting much cooler.

I am too eager to get rid of my dress and put on my nightgown and get in bed as fast as possible, as tiredness holds on to my bones.

Just mere minutes after, I nearly jumped out of my nightwear, as the door shut with a loud thud behind me.

My legs almost gave out, when I saw Edmund with a stare, like I had done something very bad.

"Edmund.... why are you here?"

His focused gaze made me feel unnerving.

"Why? I came to check on my property. Am I not allowed to do it?"

"Depends of what you consider a property." I didn't like his subtle implications.

Remember, you are still mine."



"Do you know, how many people had done bad things to me, had beaten me, bullied and so much more? If I hated every single one of them, nothing would be left of me. Hatred would eat me alive. What kind of person I would become then? I don't want to be consumed by this ugly emotion."

I watched as his face expression didn't change, but something in his eyes did. I saw a small glimmer of light, but as quick as it came, it was gone seconds after. Maybe the low light of lamp was playing tricks on me.

"Why do you hate the world so much, Edmund? Why do you hate everybody? What is happening to you?"

He came back to me, his previous expression wiped clean off, his stare set hard on me.

"It is not your business, Thea. Also, don't walk around in the dark, next time I see you, I might hurt you much worse, than I intended tonight. ... Stay away from me."

And just like how he came, he disappeared, closing the door with a loud thud. He was mad, clearly about things I said.

I let my tears fall free. It pained me to see him in such state, consumed by anger and hatred for unknown reasons. I wish to know, what is going inside of him, why he does all these nasty things to me, what bothers him? What makes him so unhappy?

If only he would let me inside his heart and troubled mind.... I would do anything to ease his pain and help....

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