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I tried so hard to stay calm, when he finally let me go. I wanted to cry too, but hold back all the feelings. I didn't know, who this person is anymore.

"Now, clean it up!"

I knew better to obey. Everybody in the house talked, that he has become unpredictable, but I never thought, that to this extent. What made him turn this way? What Edmund is going through? I want to know. But how can I know, if I am too afraid to ask?

I got down to pick up the broken pieces. Delicate cup was so thin and fragile, that a person with stronger grasp could break it, while drinking. Tea from it spilled over the floor. I had nothing to clean it up right now. I hated to think, that I will need to return.

Edmund watched me from above. I did not dare to look up, it would make me feel smaller and more insignificant, that I already was. He moved around a table in slow, calculating steps. In the corner of my eye, I saw him drag his fingers around a rim of a coffee table, inspecting ornamented tea set. He said in a quiet voice, almost, as if he was talking to himself.

"One night......"

In front of my face another one fell down and shattered in to pieces.

"Two nights..."

Then came another one. Each of his word made me shudder in fear. I could not hold my tears anymore.

"Three..... four......"

Cups and saucers kept falli

wouldn't have married her."

"I understand it very well, father. That's my point and your biggest mistake, which you will never be able to fix, no matter how hard you try."

"Edmund, just give her a chance."

"No. I don't want to see her in this house. I have enough with one of her kind."

"Do what you do, but I advise you to think it over."


They both looked like two roosters fighting over their family issues. Edmund looked especially pissed off and I started to fear, that all his anger will come over me. His father went away, clearly displeased with an outcome. My Master turned back and sat in his chair. I have picked up the shards as much as I could and was ready to leave.

"You better come back. You haven't finished cleaning up your mess."

Edmund got hold of my arm and almost everything fell down again. I was sure, that he did all of this on purpose.

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